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Darn Spiders

The spiders are out in full force at this time of year, weaving their webs all over everything.  I caught one hanging in front of my security camera.  He looked huge but was really a very small spider.

He looks huge and like he's crawling on our front fence.  The spider kept weaving his web although I couldn't see any web.  Some guy walked by on the road and it looked like this giant spider was chasing him.  LOL!  I wish I could have caught video of that but my camera is too slow.

I figured I would see some webs on the screen when the night vision lights turned on but I didn't expect to see this.

You can see this little spider had woven his web to completely cover my camera.  It looks much brighter outside but it was pretty dark even with the night vision on and the web glows a bright blue as does the spider when the night vision is on.

The husband had to go up and clean off the webs although he couldn't find the spider.  It's been a few days since this and there are…

Still Roasting

It has cooled down a bit but it's still 30C here every day.  We are supposed to get some rain on Wed which will be nice if it actually happens.  We did get rain last Tuesday night but as soon as the sun came out it was back up to above 30C temps and add some humidity to make it even more unpleasant.  Then add in some forest fire smoke on Saturday and my house smells like I've been camping.

The husband and the kids are at the In-laws to visit with the sister-in-law and family.  I went with them and visited then came home to look after the cats and yard.  I'll go back Tuesday to pick them up and visit again.  The reason I don't stay is that I can't sleep on the ground like the husband and kids can and there isn't a spare bed because sister-in-law and brother-in-law are already using it.  I'm actually very happy with the way it works out for me.  I get some much needed alone time and the husband get to visit with his only sibling.

I think the family is going c…

The Fence

Just to proved we did put up a 6ft privacy fence here are some pictures of it.

Here the guys are painting our side of the fence.  Do you like the color?

Here the daughter is painting the alley side of the fence.  This was only the first coat of stain, another coat was put on later.

And there you have some pictures!

We Have a Fence

After living here for 18 years the husband finally put up a privacy fence in our back yard.  Of course he didn't level it properly and there are some posts that are shorter than others but as long as it stays up I'm not going to complain.  He still has to stain the thing and we plan on using a soft grey color.  The other privacy fence in our yard is barn red and it's too bright.  The fence has to be extended to join with the red fence but since the neighbour's house is right there we don't really need privacy along there.  We have an alley behind our house so it's nice to not have people be able to drive by and stare at us anymore.  Of course they can drive by the other side or the front and see right into the yard but a little privacy is better than none.

As soon as the fence is painted I'll take some pictures.  Hopefully that will get done this weekend.  There's a bunch of other chores I'd like to get done in the yard so it will be all hands on de…