The Fence

Just to proved we did put up a 6ft privacy fence here are some pictures of it.

Here the guys are painting our side of the fence.  Do you like the color?

Here the daughter is painting the alley side of the fence.  This was only the first coat of stain, another coat was put on later.

And there you have some pictures! 


Very nice! The colour is subdued and dignified.
Mama Pea said…
Wow, I'm betting it adds a lot to your yard in the way of privacy. I really like it and the color! Looks like you had some good workers there. :o)
Sparkless said…
Yes,that's what we were going for in the color Debra. The other 6ft fence we have along the side of our yard is barn red and we'd like to take it down and put up the less in your face grey colour but so far we can't afford it so the red stays where it is for now.
Mama Pea, we have privacy from the back alley now but people can still see into our yard from just about every other side especially the next door neighbours who go in and out their door all day and night staring into our yard. I wish I could put up a 10ft fence to block them but that wouldn't be very neighbourly.

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