We Have a Fence

After living here for 18 years the husband finally put up a privacy fence in our back yard.  Of course he didn't level it properly and there are some posts that are shorter than others but as long as it stays up I'm not going to complain.  He still has to stain the thing and we plan on using a soft grey color.  The other privacy fence in our yard is barn red and it's too bright.  The fence has to be extended to join with the red fence but since the neighbour's house is right there we don't really need privacy along there.  We have an alley behind our house so it's nice to not have people be able to drive by and stare at us anymore.  Of course they can drive by the other side or the front and see right into the yard but a little privacy is better than none.

As soon as the fence is painted I'll take some pictures.  Hopefully that will get done this weekend.  There's a bunch of other chores I'd like to get done in the yard so it will be all hands on deck.  The husband is off Friday and Saturday and part of Sunday and the weather is supposed to cooperate so it looks good for staining a fence.

Not much has been going on around here other than the heat of summer has hit.  Today it was up to 39C and it's supposed to be  35C or higher all week.  Right now it's 24C inside the house and it's too hot for me.  We turn the a/c units off at night and I have a feeling I'm going to have a very uncomfortable evening.  I asked the husband to get the fan for the bedroom but of course he didn't so I hope my tossing and turning keeps him awake too.  We have no windows in our living room that open and our kitchen window has the a/c unit in it.  There is a small bathroom window that we can open a bit but that and our bedroom window are the only windows we can open in our whole downstairs. 

By mid August I'll be used to the heat and then it starts to cool down at night in September so I only have 8 more weeks of not sleeping well to go.   I'd pitch the tent in the yard but the sun comes up so early and it heats up so fast that I'd get about 4 hours of sleep and then have to get up because it would be too hot in the tent.  Usually it doesn't cool down much at night in the summer and we don't get any cool breezes.  It's just hot dead air and opening a window does next to nothing even if we had windows to open.

Oops I'm whining about the heat already and I'm supposed to be raving about the fence instead.  I promise to keep my summer heat whines to one a week or less.  I guess it could be worse, we could have that humid heat that makes everything sticky.  I'll take our dry heat over humid.  Not like either is nice but if you have to have one that's the one I'd take.

I gave up on our gardens this year.  My roses have gone wild, the beds are full of quack grass and weeds.  The only gardens that don't have weeds are the two raised bed ones.  We planted three tomato plants, lettuce and carrots in them.  I don't know why the husband insisted on the carrots since we don't seem to be able to grow them in our soil no matter how much fresh topsoil we put in the raised bed.  Carrots just don't grow well in our yard but the lettuce is looking okay.  We should start eating it even though it's not quite ready because the heat is going to cause it to bolt or die or both.  Better to get some lettuce than none at all.  The blueberries are doing okay even though they are growing in a bed of chickweed.  I really should rip out all that chickweed.  Too bad we don't know anyone with a bunny or chickens.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and gets to do lots of fun things or just lay back and relax, whichever makes you happy.


Privacy fence? Now you can run around nekkid in the backyard! Have fun!

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