Still Roasting

It has cooled down a bit but it's still 30C here every day.  We are supposed to get some rain on Wed which will be nice if it actually happens.  We did get rain last Tuesday night but as soon as the sun came out it was back up to above 30C temps and add some humidity to make it even more unpleasant.  Then add in some forest fire smoke on Saturday and my house smells like I've been camping.

The husband and the kids are at the In-laws to visit with the sister-in-law and family.  I went with them and visited then came home to look after the cats and yard.  I'll go back Tuesday to pick them up and visit again.  The reason I don't stay is that I can't sleep on the ground like the husband and kids can and there isn't a spare bed because sister-in-law and brother-in-law are already using it.  I'm actually very happy with the way it works out for me.  I get some much needed alone time and the husband get to visit with his only sibling.

I think the family is going camping a few days after they get back.  I'll go out for a few days but stay home for the rest to once again look after the cats and water the yard.  It's brutally hot and dry and if we left the yard we'd come back a total dead yard.  Even the quack grass would die which may not be a bad thing now that I think about it but I must keep my lavender plants alive and a few others.

Other than surviving the heat we haven't been doing much.  Sad really but what can you do in brutal heat and not much money?  Small towns don't have much that you can do other than a movie and that's not free.  The only free stuff involves being outside and that's not going to happen, at least for me it isn't.  I do go outside when it's cooler when I can and water and maybe grab a few weeds where I can.  I picked a couple of cups of blueberries today mostly off one poor straggly bush.  I think we need to get rid of the two almost dead bushes and plant a few fresh ones.  There's only one blueberry bush that is actually producing any berries and it's looking a bit worn. 

For some reason the daughter's cat loves to chew on the branches of the one end blueberry bush so now it's pretty much just a stick with a few branches but it still produces a bunch of berries.  There are two more bushes and the one on the other end kind of failed just as the berries were getting ripe so now there are a bunch of shriveled berries hanging on it.  The middle bush isn't producing any berries and is pretty much just a stick with a few leaves.  I think the husband may be fertilizing the blueberry bushes even after I told him not to because they need a different type of fertilizer.  If I tell the husband something he usually ignores me and does it his way even when it doesn't work out.  He's not afraid to hear me say "I told you so."  As a matter of fact I'm beginning to think he likes to hear it cause he keeps doing the opposite of everything I say.

So much more going on but not stuff I can blog about and that's pretty much why I haven't posted anything in awhile.  My mind is on things I'm not going to post about.   All I can say is life is hard and only the tough survive to see the beautiful sunrises.


I'd much rather put up with a week of minus 30 than a week of plus 30. Heat is SO draining.
Sparkless said…
Debra I agree. You can add more clothing to stay warm but once you are naked and you're still hot there's nothing you can do about it but jump in a lake.
Mama Pea said…
I think you've shared some of your hot weather with us today. Supposedly, this is going to be our only "hot" day . . . back to the 70s tomorrow. I do believe my corn and squash shot up about 6" today. They really, really need more warm weather than we've been getting.

Enjoy your days of solitude. Be good to yourself.

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