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It Doesn't Help

You know those people who you tell your difficulties/worries to and they tell you to just forget about it and be happy.  Ya those people.  I have something to tell you.  Your advise doesn't help.  As a matter of fact it is like saying that whatever we feel is nothing and we are stupid for feeling that way.  You also assume that what we feel is so minor we can just leave it behind and be happy.  We wish that were true because if it were true we would not feel depressed or anxious anymore.  It's like telling a person with a broken leg to just walk it off and ignore it.  You wouldn't tell a physically challenged person that if they tried hard enough they could get out of their wheel chair and walk cause all they have to do is fake it to make it.

In fact for anyone with depression or anxiety issues we have probably tried to take your lame advise.  We have tried countless times to just forget about our problems and act like a normal person.  The problem is that when we are out…

March Fun

It's spring weather here.  We have no snow on the ground except for in the mountains.  We do get lots of rain instead of snow and I think I'd rather it be snow.  Rain is so depressing but snow is exciting, at least to me it is.

The son had to take a sick day because he wasn't feeling well.  He said he felt nauseous all night and had a headache.  He is not the kind of kid who takes sick days and rarely was off school so we know he was truly not feeling well.  I just hope he hasn't brought a nasty stomach virus home with him to infect the rest of us.  We live in a very small one bathroom house.  It's impossible not to catch what everyone else has because you have to share the bathroom with them and pretty much every other space. 

It's the husbands birthday Friday and I've made him a birthday cake as requested.  We are having spaghetti for supper as per his request also.  The son will be at work if he's feeling well enough so it will just be the daughter, …