March Fun

It's spring weather here.  We have no snow on the ground except for in the mountains.  We do get lots of rain instead of snow and I think I'd rather it be snow.  Rain is so depressing but snow is exciting, at least to me it is.

The son had to take a sick day because he wasn't feeling well.  He said he felt nauseous all night and had a headache.  He is not the kind of kid who takes sick days and rarely was off school so we know he was truly not feeling well.  I just hope he hasn't brought a nasty stomach virus home with him to infect the rest of us.  We live in a very small one bathroom house.  It's impossible not to catch what everyone else has because you have to share the bathroom with them and pretty much every other space. 

It's the husbands birthday Friday and I've made him a birthday cake as requested.  We are having spaghetti for supper as per his request also.  The son will be at work if he's feeling well enough so it will just be the daughter, husband and me.  We don't really make a big deal out of birthdays anymore.
I used to always make a huge deal out of the husband's birthday but he never did the same for me.  He also never seemed very excited or happy with whatever I did or gave to him so I don't go to much effort anymore.  I get the same response whether I give him the most special thing and go to great pains to plan and decorate a special party for him or simply make him a cake and get a pizza for supper.  He doesn't care so I won't bother anymore.

The daughter didn't pass her drivers test because she made a stupid mistake at the end.  If she hadn't done it she would have passed.  Disappointing but maybe it's a message from the universe that she wasn't ready yet.  She had to rewrite her learners today because it had expired and she passed that easily so she is back to the learners permit and able to practice.  We are hoping to book another drivers test for her in about three weeks while they are on spring break so she can take it during the day when there is not much traffic. 

I'm trying to work on a budget for the year, finish up the income taxes and then help the kids file theirs too.  And there is the endless supply of cleaning and chores to do so I never run out of work to do.  I just wish I could have more fun.  I think this year should be the year of fun!  Who wants to join me even if it is a bit late to start.  One can never start having fun too late.


Definitely set aside one afternoon per week for fun JUST FOR YOU!
Birdie said…
I could do with more fun. I am way too serious for my own good. It is part of being a Pisces. We (your husband included!) are boring people that don't get excited about much. It is a blessing and curse. When you don't look forward to anything it is hard to disappoint. I do look forward to bedtime and naps. :-)
Sparkless said…
Debra, I'm going to do just that. I'm going to do something every week just for fun. Now if I could just remember what that would be exactly I'd be all set.

Birdie, Pisces aren't boring they are lovely and artistic. Both my son and husband are Pisces and they may be quiet but they are wonderful people. Oh I'm with you on looking forward to bedtime or a nap, best feeling ever to lay down and know you don't have to do anything.

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