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Some Days

There are some days when you feel like no matter what you do it's wrong or doesn't work.  Today is one of those days.

I'm Bleary Eyed Today

If you notice I'm bleary eyed today it's not because I was out having fun last night it's because the neighbours were.

I'm not sure what is going on at the house across the street but they have partied the last two nights.  There is a mom and two young girls that live there.  The older girl is 19 or 20 so I'm thinking it is her and her friends because the mom works nights.

It's always a joy to hear car doors slamming and cars roaring down the street all night long.  That's not even mentioning the loud drunken talking because they have to smoke outside.  Instead of smoking in the fenced back yard they have to stand outside in the front of the house.  It's a joy to hear the sounds of people peeing and puking outside all night.

Yes, we have real classy neighbours.  If it's not one it's another one who seems to be causing disruption.  That's the fun of living in a low cost housing area where every one's hobbies are either drinking to excess,…

Feb 9th

This is just a public announcement. 


Whew, glad I got that done because people are so confused.  They think it should be warm and sunny at this time of year and they complain loudly and often if it isn't.  So I though they needed a reminder that it is still winter.

You're welcome.

Below Freezing, Way Below Freezing

I really need to write something here.  I get busy reading all the other blogs and then figure nothing I have to write will be as good so why bother.  Then I tell myself it's not a competition and I didn't start this blog to compete against other writers.  I started this blog to have a place to complain.  LOL!   I never really thought about people reading my rantings.  It wasn't until I realized an actual person had read my rantings that I decided to try to write more positive things and not just rants all the time.  I think I've cut my rants down dramatically since then.

So we got some snow, it started to melt and now we are having really cold temps -16C it's supposed to get down to.  It's rarely that cold here.  It will be over by Saturday though and then the temps will go back up above freezing and it's back to warm and rain.  Not much of a winter for us really.

It's strange how winter is now some snow but mostly rain and a couple of extreme cold sna…