Below Freezing, Way Below Freezing

I really need to write something here.  I get busy reading all the other blogs and then figure nothing I have to write will be as good so why bother.  Then I tell myself it's not a competition and I didn't start this blog to compete against other writers.  I started this blog to have a place to complain.  LOL!   I never really thought about people reading my rantings.  It wasn't until I realized an actual person had read my rantings that I decided to try to write more positive things and not just rants all the time.  I think I've cut my rants down dramatically since then.

So we got some snow, it started to melt and now we are having really cold temps -16C it's supposed to get down to.  It's rarely that cold here.  It will be over by Saturday though and then the temps will go back up above freezing and it's back to warm and rain.  Not much of a winter for us really.

It's strange how winter is now some snow but mostly rain and a couple of extreme cold snaps.  The extreme cold is hard to take.  The cats go crazy because they want to go outside but as soon as you open the door they dash back inside.  Being dumb as they are they forget how cold it is outside and a couple hours later are begging to go outside again.  This makes for a very long night of being woken up by one cat in particular.  He usually wakes me up around 4am to go outside and then either the husband or the kids let him back inside a few hours later which is okay when the weather isn't too cold but it's too cold now.  So I feel like I've got a newborn in the house again because I'm up several times at night with the stupid cat!

And the dry air is killing me!  I have to go put a pot of water on the stove to get some humidity in the air.  I also have a small personal humidifier that I can plug in beside my bed and I'm going to set that up tonight.  I wake up and my mouth is so dry I can't even muster enough spit to swallow with.  I'd leave some water beside the bed but I'm already getting up with the cat so I may as well get some fresh water on my way.

See aren't these fascinating stories?  I only left the house once today and that was to drop the daughter off at her piano lesson.  My life is a thrill a minute.  Oh, but I do have a sad story.  Our bread maker committed suicide by jumping off the dishwasher.  We couldn't even save the dough.  The plastic stuff got all smashed and the wires were all exposed.  It was a nasty shock.  The husband put it back together and is hoping he can get it to work again but more than likely he'll only manage to electrocute himself or start a fire.  So in the best interests of safety I am now on a mission to find a new or slightly used bread maker.

I swear my husband goes through appliances like no one I've ever met.  Nothing lasts long if he's using it.  And that is why I'll be checking out any used ones first because buying a new one only means it will last for a year or so until the husband finds a way to destroy it.  We've gone through so many coffee makers I've lost count.  The husband always has to make the coffee cause he likes it really strong.  I only drink a cup a day if even that and then have to dilute it with lots of milk because it's so strong.  In the hot summer I rarely drink coffee, who wants a hot drink on a hot day?  Not me.

Now what was I talking about?  Can you believe I actually was going to take a picture of the smashed bread maker and then make a post about it?  The daughter started to help clean up the mess and I told her to stop because I wanted to take a picture.  She looked at me like I was crazy so I didn't but I wanted to.  See I was thinking that you all would want to see a picture of our smashed bread maker.  I thought I'd make a post about the bread maker having a bun in oven out of wedlock and couldn't take it so jumped to her doom off the dishwasher.  But then I thought that that was too morbid and kind of in bad taste so didn't.  But then I just told you all about it anyway.

Sorry, I need some more sleep and it looks like I'm going to be up and down all night again tonight.  Does anyone know if you can give sedatives to cats to put them to sleep without killing them?  Ya, I thought it wasn't a good idea too, really I did.


Mama Pea said…
Maybe just a teensy bit of dark humor, but I thought this post of yours was very funny! Keep it up, you have a talent for it.

Our daughter claims both her father and I have a pox on us concerning everything electrical from the computer to toasters to my irons. Things that never happen to other people when using these things continually happen to us. I'm like your husband and his coffee makers with my irons. Doesn't matter if it's an expensive one or a cheapie, they either stop working, leak water like a sieve or start on fire. I think I must have gone through about 2,000 of 'em. (Maybe more.)
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea, So you are another appliance killer? Maybe you need to bond with your iron better? Talk to her and sing while you iron. I guess your electric personality just burns those irons out fast. hee hee

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