I'm Bleary Eyed Today

If you notice I'm bleary eyed today it's not because I was out having fun last night it's because the neighbours were.

I'm not sure what is going on at the house across the street but they have partied the last two nights.  There is a mom and two young girls that live there.  The older girl is 19 or 20 so I'm thinking it is her and her friends because the mom works nights.

It's always a joy to hear car doors slamming and cars roaring down the street all night long.  That's not even mentioning the loud drunken talking because they have to smoke outside.  Instead of smoking in the fenced back yard they have to stand outside in the front of the house.  It's a joy to hear the sounds of people peeing and puking outside all night.

Yes, we have real classy neighbours.  If it's not one it's another one who seems to be causing disruption.  That's the fun of living in a low cost housing area where every one's hobbies are either drinking to excess, taking drugs or selling them.

I feel sorry for the poor people who live right next door to them.  The house on the one side of these neighbours is for sale and the husband and I considered looking at it for all of a second because of these party people who live right next door.  The houses are very close together and I can't imagine how loud it must be to be right next to them.

Tomorrow is a holiday here, Family Day, so I'm going to take a shot and say that the party will continue tonight.  I'm surprised that no one calls the police.  The only good thing is there was only about 7-10 of them and they weren't playing really loud music.  I worry about my car parked out there though.  I hope that these drunken louts don't crash into it or do anything else to it.  I don't have anywhere else to park but the street. 

I can see there are several cars outside that house already.  These are cars that aren't usually parked around here so the party must have started already.  It's days like this that I wish I had a large dog that barked loudly all day long.  That would be h*ll on a hang-over.


Birdie said…
You can find a dark barking on You Tube and play it on a loop very loudly on your computer!
Sparkless said…
Birdie, that could work. Although it would annoy pretty much everyone including me so maybe not.
Gayle said…
Ah, you are more tolerant than me. I probably would have called them in. Or joined the party. ;)

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