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This cold has got to go.  I'm still coughing almost three weeks later. I've read this is pretty normal so I'm going to hang on for a bit longer.  I hate when the Dr. sends me home telling me to wait longer and then I just have to come back or even worse I don't and end up feeling like a fool.  I will be throwing everything I can think of at this cough to get rid of it so please hit me up with all your home remedies for a cough caused by post nasal drip.

The husband took the car in to have the a/c fixed.  They filled it up and replaced something.  The something wasn't making the fan not work properly.  So now he says he would try this other something but it costs $500.  Shouldn't they know what they are fixing instead of just randomly replacing things and hoping it fixes the problem?  For the $60/hour these guys get paid they sure have no clue how to actually fix anything. 

So we have the car back because we have to drive places and only have one car.  The a/c w…

Still Sick

I am still sick with this stupid cold.  It just never seems to end.  You think you are getting better and then the next day you aren't.  I'm ready to have my head, lungs and nose clear.  My back is really starting to hurt when I cough because I have to cough so hard to get the stuff out of my lungs.

And like being sick for almost 2 weeks isn't bad enough the money has run out before the bills.  It doesn't happen often but we had a bit of a surprise expense with the daughter going on the Honour Roll trip.  We've always told the kids if they can get on the honour roll all year they get to go on the trip if they want to.  Last year there was no trip due to the teachers strike and the daughter was pretty bummed about it.

The trip is just to Vancouver to tour UBC and they are pretty much on the road the whole time.  It's an 8 hour drive to Vancouver from here and they are only gone for 3 days so 2 of them are on the road.  She's looking forward to it and deserve…

Woman Down!

My daughter shared her cold with me on Mother's Day.  It's a nice head cold so I feel like my head is about to explode and my face is on fire.  The husband is useless to get anything to help so I've just been using herbal tea, ice water and a cool facecloth to keep myself from combusting into flames or exploding.  Just so you know it's not working that well.  I feel like a truck has run over me.

It wasn't long ago that the daughter shared another cold with me.  I wish my immune system would perk up but then I'm the one bringing her drinks and getting her cold cloths and giving her tea or whatever she wants.  That means close contact and I'm pretty much doomed to get whatever she has.

Hopefully I'll be all better soon.  Today I just want my face to stop burning.

Spring Blues

I must be the only person who gets spring blues.  I always feel depressed in the spring.  There is so much I want to get done and it's depressing to realize I'll never even get a small portion of it done.  If I have enough energy we don't have the money to buy whatever we need to fix the yard or house.  If we have some money I don't have the energy to work on projects.

I think spring is just a big old wind up for disappointment.  At least that's how I feel about spring.  There is just too much to do and I just can't make a dent in any of it.  The house stays a mess and nothing gets cleaned like I want it to.  The yard never looks good anymore because the gardens are full of grass and the husband thinks that taking the weed whacker and running it over the grass in the gardens is a good way to weed.  All the plants that used to grow every year are now killed and the gardens are a wasteland.  The rose bushes are no good and the only thing that still grows with any…