Still Sick

I am still sick with this stupid cold.  It just never seems to end.  You think you are getting better and then the next day you aren't.  I'm ready to have my head, lungs and nose clear.  My back is really starting to hurt when I cough because I have to cough so hard to get the stuff out of my lungs.

And like being sick for almost 2 weeks isn't bad enough the money has run out before the bills.  It doesn't happen often but we had a bit of a surprise expense with the daughter going on the Honour Roll trip.  We've always told the kids if they can get on the honour roll all year they get to go on the trip if they want to.  Last year there was no trip due to the teachers strike and the daughter was pretty bummed about it.

The trip is just to Vancouver to tour UBC and they are pretty much on the road the whole time.  It's an 8 hour drive to Vancouver from here and they are only gone for 3 days so 2 of them are on the road.  She's looking forward to it and deserves it so we can't say no.  It is going to cost $200 and she'll need some money for meals and spending.

That threw off the budget that pretty much balances on one leg most of the time anyway.  I had to pay bills late last time and move money around to get the bills paid this time but I have no more resources to pull from now and even that is going to mean we can't pay our house insurance in June like we'd saved to do.

I'm so tired and angry at the same time.  I'm angry that we never have any money no matter how little we spend.  Why does everything have to cost so dang much?!!  We never go on holidays or eat out.  We don't drink or smoke or spend money wildly.  I'm totally worn down with money worry and stress and this cold.  Oh and it's over 30C here today.  I had to insist the husband put the window a/c in upstairs for the kids but the downstairs one isn't in yet so it's pretty hot.  We baked bread today too so it's hot from the oven being on.

I hate this time of year when it gets hot suddenly and it takes my body so long to adjust and by the time it does it's autumn and starts cooling down.  Oh, and to top it all off the a/c in the car isn't working.  I told the husband I didn't care if he had to borrow money to get it fixed but it's getting fixed even if I have to sell his stupid guitars to do it.  It will be 40C here soon and when you get in the car it's way over that and I am not driving around in a car without a/c in that heat!

Please send healing energies, cool weather and a winning lottery ticket!


I hope you feel better soon -- a hot weather cold is the worst! Your daughter will enjoy the UBC campus -- there's a beautiful Japanese garden there, I recall, and the Museum of Anthropology is right there too. Lots of great totem poles, etc.
Sparkless said…
Birdie, my older sister graduated from UBC and I lived in Vancouver for 4 years after I graduated from high school so I used to hang out at UBC with my sister all the time. I'm sure it's all changed since then but the campus is bigger than our little town and she will have lots of fun. They are going to go to the aquarium too and do a bit of shopping downtown.
Thanks for the get well wishes, I think I may be on the mend but still coughing.

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