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Lavender Wands Shipped

I'm just off to the mail to ship out the lavender wands to two wonderful women who celebrated my 10,000 views with me.  I'm still waiting for a shipping address from Mama Pea.  Mama Pea if you want your lavender wands email me your shipping address.

My lavender finished early this year so the wands aren't as fragrant as I'd like but they still smell wonderful.  I put them in my drawers and closets.  To refresh the scent just give the end a little squeeze.

I was going to show how to make them but I can't take pictures and weave them at the same time.  I need both my hands to make them.  So instead I'll direct you to a website that has instructions on how to make them.  That's how I figured out how to make them.  You do need freshly picked long stem lavender and some ribbon to make them.   Here's a great tutorial on how to make these yourself:

If you don't have very fragrant laven…

Contest Winners!

I didn't get more than 5 people to enter the contest so instead I'm going to call it a Celebration of 10,000 views.  So Debra, tpals and Mama Pea all win a lavender wand!    Just email your mailing address and I'll get them in the mail for you.  Thanks for celebrating with me!  (

Our mail is closed this weekend and it's a long weekend so they won't go out until next week some time.  They should fit into a flat mailer.

Bad news here is a jet fuel tanker truck went off the road into a small stream up from where my In-Laws live.  The area was evacuated because of the strong smell and risk of it igniting.  The truck was driving into a remote area to bring jet fuel to some helicopters which are fighting a fire up in an inaccessible  area. 

Unfortunately my sister-in-law and brother-in-law and niece were coming to the in-laws for a visit.  It takes them two days to drive there and I hope they didn't get stuck in the road closure or evacuation…

Cancer, That Nasty Disease That Just Keeps Giving

Tonight my heart is heavy and sad.  My second little brother (the boy I grew up across the street from) who was suffering from a throat cancer had to have a stent (is that the right spelling?) put in his throat to keep it open enough so he could eat and drink.  He hasn't been able to swallow anything for three days and they had to send him up to a larger hospital to do the stent for him.   There is talk of some kind of eating tube if necessary too.  They are just trying to keep him comfortable because they can't give him anymore radiation or surgery.  They've done it all or so I've been told.  This man is only in his late 40's and should be in the prime of his life but instead he's slowing losing ground to a horrible cancer that is sapping his life and strength away.

And like that isn't bad enough him mom who had her cancer check after her surgery wasn't clean.  She may have cancer somewhere else and has to wait for a PET scan to see if they can find ou…

WOW! A Contest, Sort Of.

I was just checking my stats for this blog and I have had 10,001 page views!  Who are you people?  I know of a couple of you but the rest are keeping quiet.  I do know that there are many from Russia of all places who are reading this.  Should I be worried?

I have some readers from Alaska and some from the rest of the US.  There are a few other counties but those are the big three.  Very few readers from Canada.  Oh well I don't really want my friends and neighbours reading this cause then I can't make fun of them or tell things like it is.  I also don't want my family reading this either.  If they started to read this I'd have to delete most of the pages.  LOL!  I don't think the husband can read (of course he can read) so he doesn't read this or even know it exists.

I feel like I should have some sort of a giveaway but all I have to give away is belly button lint.  I could make a few lavender wands if anyone would like to have a contest to win some handmade l…