Contest Winners!

I didn't get more than 5 people to enter the contest so instead I'm going to call it a Celebration of 10,000 views.  So Debra, tpals and Mama Pea all win a lavender wand!    Just email your mailing address and I'll get them in the mail for you.  Thanks for celebrating with me!  (

Our mail is closed this weekend and it's a long weekend so they won't go out until next week some time.  They should fit into a flat mailer.

Bad news here is a jet fuel tanker truck went off the road into a small stream up from where my In-Laws live.  The area was evacuated because of the strong smell and risk of it igniting.  The truck was driving into a remote area to bring jet fuel to some helicopters which are fighting a fire up in an inaccessible  area. 

Unfortunately my sister-in-law and brother-in-law and niece were coming to the in-laws for a visit.  It takes them two days to drive there and I hope they didn't get stuck in the road closure or evacuation order for the area.  The really bad thing is the small stream drains into a larger one which drains into the lake where the in-laws live.  Everyone was looking forward to enjoying the beach which is only a few hundred feet from where the river drains into the lake.  Not sure it that will be possible now.

I didn't find out about this until later tonight because the husband was hogging the computer all night.  We'll call them in the morning to make sure they are okay and everything is still on for our visit next week.


Thank you, Sparkless! I will email you my address right away. I'm really looking forward to having one of your beautiful lavender wands! You've made my Saturday morning, LOL!

I hope your plans don't get disrupted by the fuel spill. These environmental accidents are so sad.
tpals said…
So the secret to my winning something is to only enter when everyone wins. :) This is so kind of you.

That's terrible about the spill. Things like that can have such long lasting effects.

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