WOW! A Contest, Sort Of.

I was just checking my stats for this blog and I have had 10,001 page views!  Who are you people?  I know of a couple of you but the rest are keeping quiet.  I do know that there are many from Russia of all places who are reading this.  Should I be worried?

I have some readers from Alaska and some from the rest of the US.  There are a few other counties but those are the big three.  Very few readers from Canada.  Oh well I don't really want my friends and neighbours reading this cause then I can't make fun of them or tell things like it is.  I also don't want my family reading this either.  If they started to read this I'd have to delete most of the pages.  LOL!  I don't think the husband can read (of course he can read) so he doesn't read this or even know it exists.

I feel like I should have some sort of a giveaway but all I have to give away is belly button lint.  I could make a few lavender wands if anyone would like to have a contest to win some handmade lavender wands.  I'm not sure how many I could make, it depends on how much ribbon I have left.  I could only ship them to Canada or the US because shipping would cost more than the item is worth.  If I get more than 5 entries I will have a contest and draw a winner.  Just post a comment about how you found this blog to be entered.  The draw date will be July 26th should I actually get enough entries.  All entries must be comments to this post only.

They look like this.  I can't find a picture of the actual ones I've done but they look like these.


Nice to know you're big in Russia, eh? Most of my readers come from the US, then Canada and then various places in Europe. I don't know if I have any from Russia -- probably not, they're all over here reading you!
Sparkless said…
Debra, I think I got a bunch of Russian readers from doing a post about some Russian foods we made. So if you want to attract readers from other countries do posts on their ethnic foods!
I'm going to count you in the draw. Come on, we only need 4 more people!
tpals said…
I found you from A Home Grown Journal's blog list. What is a lavender wand for? Besides being pretty. :)
Mama Pea said…
I can't remember for sure but I think I found you by you commenting on my blog! So how did you find me??

I'm with tpals . . . I'm not familiar with lavender wands either, but they are very pretty. You may have to do a blog post on them!
Sparkless said…
tpals a lavender wand is used to make your drawers or closets smell pretty. Or you can put them anywhere that you would like to smell like lavender. When they lose their scent you just give them a gentle squeeze. They are just lavender with ribbon wrapped around them. Very easy to make if you have fresh long stem lavender available.
Mama Pea I can't believe you haven't seen lavender wands before! I'll make a few and try to do a post about how to make them.

That's 3 for the draw, come on there must be a couple more people who love the scent of lavender and if you don't you could always give them to someone who does.
Yeah c'mon, why don't a couple of you Russkies throw your names in for the draw?
Sparkless said…
You ladies could always post something on your blogs about the contest and maybe a few more people will enter. I've started to work on my lavender wands. I may pop some extras in with them for the lucky lady.
And if no one else but you three lovely ladies enter I'll be happy to send you each a lavender wand or two if I can get that many made.
Sparkless said…
Or lucky man. Forgot to add that. Men can enter too.

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