Cancer, That Nasty Disease That Just Keeps Giving

Tonight my heart is heavy and sad.  My second little brother (the boy I grew up across the street from) who was suffering from a throat cancer had to have a stent (is that the right spelling?) put in his throat to keep it open enough so he could eat and drink.  He hasn't been able to swallow anything for three days and they had to send him up to a larger hospital to do the stent for him.   There is talk of some kind of eating tube if necessary too.  They are just trying to keep him comfortable because they can't give him anymore radiation or surgery.  They've done it all or so I've been told.  This man is only in his late 40's and should be in the prime of his life but instead he's slowing losing ground to a horrible cancer that is sapping his life and strength away.

And like that isn't bad enough him mom who had her cancer check after her surgery wasn't clean.  She may have cancer somewhere else and has to wait for a PET scan to see if they can find out where.  She's already had cancer removed from her bowel and liver.  It's not a good sign.  She's not worrying about herself though because she's concentrating on her son.

This isn't a strong family.  They all have anxiety issues.  It's hard to just be there and know how much it hurts for them.  Heck, it hurts like heck for me so I can only imagine what it's like if it was my mom or brother although we do always call her our second mom because we grew up across the street from her and her kids and my family were always playing together and getting into trouble together.  We always knew that she was looking out for us and my mom was keeping an eye on her kids too.  We had a second family to grow up with but not have to live in the same house and get annoyed with each other like real families do.

I have so many great memories of growing up.  I will hold those memories in my heart and pray like crazy for some kind of miracle or peace for the entire family.  It's all I can do other than be there for them.


That's very sad news. Cancer is such a terrible disease.

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