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My Heart is Heavy

Today we learned that my other little brother's cancer has come back for the third time.  The cancer is in his throat and it's making it very hard for him to swallow.  Since the cancer is in his lymph nodes they will not operate to take it out again.  He will go for radiation and chemo in the hopes of shrinking the cancer and lengthening his life but if things don't go well they have given him 6 months.  I call him my other little brother but we aren't related.  We grew up across the street from another family with three kids.  We were always playing with them and they and their parents became like a second family to us.  My parents still live across the street from the parents.  The mom was just in for her 6 month cancer check which we are hoping will be all good news and her cancer will be gone.  She just recently had a bit of her bowel and liver removed due to cancer.  This family really needs some good news fast.

Every night I say a prayer that good health will be …


I'm not sure where my daughter got her toughness from but she is one strong girl.  She stayed home sick from school yesterday with a bad head cold.  Today she only went to school in the morning so she could do some scheduled tests and quizzes.  She didn't want to miss them and then have all the hassle of having to talk to the teachers and get them rescheduled.  And like that's not enough for a girl of 15 she's doing a 30 hour famine with the Youth group she's in.  They can only drink water and clear juices for 30 hours.  She got sponsors to donate through World Vision who puts on the event.

I told her that if she was feeling really poorly and she needed to eat a bit of something that would be okay.  But so far she says she feels fine except for the cold and the last time she ate was 6pm last night.  They go to the church tonight to do a bunch of fun activities together and then at 12am they break their fast with pizza!  She's determined to go tonight and is hom…

Back Spasm Tuesday

I've hurt my back again.  I did it trying to contort my body to do laundry in our very narrow hallway.  Our washer and dryer are in the hallway just outside the bathroom door.  You have to go past the washer and dryer to get in the bathroom, to get upstairs or go in our bedroom.  Oh, did I tell you the hallways is so narrow you can't fit two people down it at the same time?  We literally have to back down the hallway if someone else comes up.  Then the washer and dryer take up even more space to make the very narrow hallway a real pain in the back.

I was attempting to sort laundry.  We have three laundry baskets and I try to sort the laundry from one basket into the other two.  No matter when I do laundry someone has to try to force their way down the hallway at least once.  That means I have to stand in the bathroom while they go by.  You don't have enough room to actually bend over in the hallway so you have to bend sideways to pick laundry up out of the baskets. 


Say What?

I had a whole vent typed out, then I had to go eat supper so I just saved it to draft.  When I came back and read it I didn't want to post it.  I'll tell you the gist of it.  It's about changes to our health care coverage.  We used to get children's eye examination covered under our medical.  In other words we didn't have to pay to have our children's eyes examined.  Now for some reason we have to pay $30 for each eye exam and to make matters even worse they have doubled what an adult has to pay.  So we went from having to pay nothing for the kids to having to pay $60 and from paying $76 for each adult eye exam to over $130.  Now that is a big jump in cost that I wasn't aware of.  When I made the kids appointments I was not told the fee structures had changed.  I was hopping mad about it and still am but what can you do?

Right now we have 61 cents in the bank.  The next pay check is a small one too and I'm not sure how we are going to survive the next t…