Back Spasm Tuesday

I've hurt my back again.  I did it trying to contort my body to do laundry in our very narrow hallway.  Our washer and dryer are in the hallway just outside the bathroom door.  You have to go past the washer and dryer to get in the bathroom, to get upstairs or go in our bedroom.  Oh, did I tell you the hallways is so narrow you can't fit two people down it at the same time?  We literally have to back down the hallway if someone else comes up.  Then the washer and dryer take up even more space to make the very narrow hallway a real pain in the back.

I was attempting to sort laundry.  We have three laundry baskets and I try to sort the laundry from one basket into the other two.  No matter when I do laundry someone has to try to force their way down the hallway at least once.  That means I have to stand in the bathroom while they go by.  You don't have enough room to actually bend over in the hallway so you have to bend sideways to pick laundry up out of the baskets. 

Anyway, I hurt my back bending over at a weird angle trying to sort laundry while my daughter was trying to push past me.  I told her to wait but of course she said she could get by.  She unbalanced me and I twisted my back muscles which are in spasm right now.  I can't get into a comfortable position.  Looks like I'll have to take some advil or something and see if that helps.

The husband is home today and is being a total idiot.  We forced the son to take his learners test a week ago and of course he failed but only by 3 percentage points.  He doesn't study because he just doesn't care.  We made him take it again today and he failed again.  He didn't study so now we aren't going to give him a ride anywhere until his gets his learners license.  I'm sick of this kid.  If it's not easy he won't do it.  I'm not driving him around when he's 20 years old!!  Between him and his dad and my back I'm ready to bite the head off a bat (Ozzy reference, not really, I like bats).

I'm ready for a holiday.  Send money so I can go on a holiday! Or some sedatives!  Or prayers that my sanity stays intact.


Mama Pea said…
Prayers for you sanity are about all I can muckle right now. When your back hurts, have you noticed how every single little itty-bitty thing you try to do ouches you? Of course, you know that. About all you can do is rest your back until the spasms decide to leave the country. Take care the best way you can.
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea, It's a pain when you can't even get in a comfortable position. I keep moving around trying to find the sweet spot but it's not happening. Hopefully the advil will kick in soon. Thanks for the prayers.
Erin said…
My hallway is the same way LOL... right next to the bathroom in a skinny hall, when the kids come out of the bedroom if I'm there they have to retreat back into their bedroom until I'm done so they can get by me. Hope you back is feeling better, back pain is no fun at all! I agree with your tactic with your son, you definitely don't want to end up being his chauffeur!

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