I'm not sure where my daughter got her toughness from but she is one strong girl.  She stayed home sick from school yesterday with a bad head cold.  Today she only went to school in the morning so she could do some scheduled tests and quizzes.  She didn't want to miss them and then have all the hassle of having to talk to the teachers and get them rescheduled.  And like that's not enough for a girl of 15 she's doing a 30 hour famine with the Youth group she's in.  They can only drink water and clear juices for 30 hours.  She got sponsors to donate through World Vision who puts on the event.

I told her that if she was feeling really poorly and she needed to eat a bit of something that would be okay.  But so far she says she feels fine except for the cold and the last time she ate was 6pm last night.  They go to the church tonight to do a bunch of fun activities together and then at 12am they break their fast with pizza!  She's determined to go tonight and is home in bed resting up.  I hope she feels well enough to go.  I don't want to give her any medication on an empty stomach so hopefully she can make it through.  This girl is one determined kid.  You don't get in her way if she wants to do something she does it! 

Our weather has turned very spring like with clouds and some showers and then a bit of sun.  Everything is growing like mad and I keep saying I have to get out there and start dealing with it all before it becomes too much but so far I haven't done much.  The flower gardens are full of grass and I'll have to actually dig everything out and then replant anything just to get all those grass roots out.  I hate quack grass (or whatever it's called).

We forced the son to take his learners test again and he failed again worse than the first time so now we will not give him rides anywhere.  If he wants to go somewhere he has to find his own ride or get on a bus or walk.  Until he makes an effort and passes that learners test I'm not going to drive him anywhere.  He doesn't seems too upset about failing the test or the consequences but it may take some time before he figures it out.  I've also told him I don't want any of his friends over this weekend.  He can go out if he wants but I'm not driving him.  Let the burn begin.  I hope it works cause I'm out of ideas for this kid.

My house is a disaster and I need to get off this computer and get laundry finished so I can do some other things.  I'm constantly having to dust because our dryer puts out lots of lint in the air plus add four people into a very small space and that adds up to more dust than normal.  It's just a never ending battle to keep some kind of cleanliness and order in this place and most days I feel like I'm losing the battle.  Today I do battle with the laundry and the dust bunnies!


Mama Pea said…
I'd say your daughter is not only tough, but very conscientious which is admirable in a teenager these days! Good for her.

A very sensible way to handle your son. I think it's called having to face the consequences of your actions. This will be a learning experience and give him the boot in the butt to buckle down and pass the preliminary test(s) for his license. Hang tough, Mom! It will be worth it in the long run.
Erin said…
I think you are on to something with your son, it will definitely take a while while he tests you to see if you really mean it - he will figure out you are serious and then he will have to take responsibility. Good job mama! That is so awesome that your daughter is doing such a worthwhile project and sticking to it, I hope she has fun and feels a little better by pizza time with her friends!
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea, my kids have been polar opposites since the day they were born.
Erin it has paid off finally! We basically grounded the son until he passed his learners license. A three day weekend was coming up and he didn't want to be grounded the whole time because he'd already missed one sleep over at a friend's house. He wrote the test and passed finally! Now we just have to get him in the car to practice.

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