Say What?

I had a whole vent typed out, then I had to go eat supper so I just saved it to draft.  When I came back and read it I didn't want to post it.  I'll tell you the gist of it.  It's about changes to our health care coverage.  We used to get children's eye examination covered under our medical.  In other words we didn't have to pay to have our children's eyes examined.  Now for some reason we have to pay $30 for each eye exam and to make matters even worse they have doubled what an adult has to pay.  So we went from having to pay nothing for the kids to having to pay $60 and from paying $76 for each adult eye exam to over $130.  Now that is a big jump in cost that I wasn't aware of.  When I made the kids appointments I was not told the fee structures had changed.  I was hopping mad about it and still am but what can you do?

Right now we have 61 cents in the bank.  The next pay check is a small one too and I'm not sure how we are going to survive the next two weeks.  We keep getting hit with these kinds of unexpected expenses.  We have no savings to fall back on either.  I'm looking for any kind of work but no one hires a almost 50 year old woman who hasn't worked in years.  I don't want to work in a restaurant because I've never done that kind of work and retail pays only minimum wage which won't even cover my clothes and haircuts.  So I need something a bit above minimum wage and those jobs don't exist here.  No need to list all the other possible jobs cause I've already checked them out and applied.

I'm thinking I should knit socks or read palms or something just to bring some money in.  And no I've never read palms or knit socks before so I'd probably be really bad at it anyway.  I actually don't want to be complaining about money or lack there of at all.   I want to forget all about money.

So, we had a good Easter.  We went to the In-Laws house Sunday for supper.  For some reason I was in a funny mood and couldn't stop laughing at everything.  I wish I could keep that mood forever.  Then on Monday we went to my parents' house for another Easter supper.  It was fun to see everyone and the food was excellent.  We brought home made buns and broccoli/cauliflower with cheese sauce.

The kids are back at school this week after their two weeks off for spring break.  I think they were getting very bored so they are happy to be back in school, believe it or not.   I saw the most amazing sun set the other night.  There were some clouds just where the sun was setting and the clouds were pink.  I wish I could have stopped to take a picture but I had to get my daughter to her piano lesson and on the way back it was gone.

I've been working doing bits of cleaning.  I really wish I could get more done but I just can't.  My back or my knee starts hurting and I have to sit down for 20 minutes.  Then when I get back up it doesn't take long and something is hurting again.  UG!  I know I'm to blame for not taking good care of myself.  One should not be this decrepit at my age.  Plus there was my side pain/issue and I didn't want to move around too much because it started my side hurting again.  That seems to have healed up so I'm going to start working out.  I'll work on my diet plan soon but mostly it's going to be about eating less because I can't afford to eat any expensive diet foods or weird things you can only buy in a special food store.  Even fruits and veggies are expensive but I'm hoping we can grow more this year.  My sister is going to help my parents with their garden this year and I've requested a row of carrots so we should be able to get some good carrots this year instead of those wooden things we buy from Safeway.

It's time to start line drying my clothes again.  The neighbours better not stand on their porch smoking this year because it blows onto my laundry hanging on my clothes line.  I stopped hanging clothes last year because of them.  I'll just ask them to move or not smoke on their porch when my clothes are out there.  Hopefully they'll take it well and not be assholes  jerks about it.

We are still waiting for our income tax refund.  When it comes in we will pay our water/sewer/garbage bill.  We now have to pay a small fortune to the optometrist for the husbands eye exam and glasses.  We'd like to stash some for emergencies and look at getting a new stove, couch and bed frame.  These don't have to be new they can be second hand but so far I haven't found anything second hand that's worth buying yet.  People around here don't sell their old stuff they either use it till it's only good for the dump or give it away to family or friends.  So it's slim pickings for second hand stuff.

The husband spent the day digging out one of the cedar trees that was too big in the front of the house.  He thinks he can transplant it.  I kinda laughed at him for wasting all that time and effort but I guess he's gonna have to learn the hard way.  He left the other cedar tree and says he's going to wait to see if the transplanted one dies or not before he attempts transplanting the second one.  This means that our house now looks weird.  We had two cedar trees that were growing in the front of our house just on either side of the living room window.  So it was balanced and now it's not.  It looks strange.  I think I'll just get a saw and take the other tree down.  These poor trees were planted when they were only a couple of feet high and now they are over 6 feet tall.  They are way too big for the narrow garden and they are right up against the house so they have to go.  Because there is a thick cement curb around the garden you can't really dig the root ball out properly.  I'll try to take a picture tomorrow and post it.

I told the husband that those little cedar trees are not expensive and it's faster to just cut the two in the front down than it is to try to transplant them, plus the whole root ball problem.  Mr. Stubborn didn't listen though and spent a lot of time and effort getting that tree out and transplanted.  It would have been nice if he would have just cut them down then I could clean up the front garden and plant some flowers.  But now I have to wait until the other cedar tree is removed to do that.  And who knows when he'll get to doing that.  He works 4/4 shift so he has no time to do anything when he's working and when he's off the weather may not be good.  In spring you have to work when the weather cooperates and it has been warm and sunny here the past few weeks.

I've bored everyone now with this pointless ramble and no pictures.  But this is my life kind of boring and rambly.  I made that word up, take that spell checker!!!!  I better get to bed or at least go lay down and pretend to be sleeping cause it's getting late.  Night.


Mama Pea said…
Not boring. Maybe rambly (good word), but still interesting. We've all got to learn to roll with the financial punches these days, don't we. Some of them make me so mad I could spit nails (yes, we just finished doing our taxes . . . 'nuf said), but what does that help? (Plus, I'd lose all my nails.)
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea, we always get a tax refund because my husband makes so little money. Our tax refund gets bigger but the gov't keeps downloading new costs so in the end we are going backwards financially. Add the price of gas and food and I'm spitting nails too! LOL!
Erin said…
Have you guys ever given thought to moving? I know the energy industry in Alberta is booming and even people in the service/retail industry in those areas are starting at 16-20 an hour USD. It's awful the way the economy and health care industries have gotten hit, and it's global for sure. I think you are better off to stay away from fancy diet stuff anyways, it's never what it's cracked up to be, just made up stuff to keep authors writing books and publishers publishing and people to keep paying for bunk info!
Sparkless said…
Erin if we were only 10 years younger the oil fields would be an option but when you are 50 you aren't going to get hired. And the cost living is high in the oil towns so your good wage would not cover as much as you would hope. Forget about buying a house there as they are expensive and few and far between. We did look at that option a few times and even though the wages are high the cost of living is higher and the weather over there is not pleasant at all. Our kids are almost out of high school so we're going to stay put for now.

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