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First Snow

November 6, 2008 it snowed for the first time this fall. Lucky for us my husband just got the new snow ties put on the car this morning!

I love the way snow blankets everything. It covers all the dull colors and makes them white and fresh. The whiteness of the snow reflects the dim light of the sun and makes things brighter too. There is something about snow that makes me want to snuggle up inside my house with a good book and blanket. And since we only have a gas fireplace that doesn't simulate the look of a real fireplace at all due to the two small flames of blue fire it produces I may even put my DVD fire on. Yes I have a DVD fire to play on my tv. It's not real but it still does the trick and the sound is the same with the crackles and pops and sizzles as the wood burns down. And no I didn't buy the kitties playing DVD too, just the fire one.

The next person who complains about how much they loath the snow and cold I'm gonna throw a snowball in their face! …