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Chilled to My Bones

I have been really cold lately.  It's not that cold outside so I'm not sure what my problem is.  I probably need to move around more.  Right now my hands are ice cold and I keep stopping to tuck them under my arms to warm them up.  I used to take warm baths and then have a nice herbal cup of tea but it's too late to do that cause I'd wake everyone up.  When the kids were little they slept through everything and the husband and I slept upstairs so having a bath wouldn't bother the husband if he was sleeping.  As it is the bathroom door is only about 6 ft from our bedroom door.

Maybe I'll have a warm bath tomorrow night if I can get someone to give the tub a scrub first.  I never like having a bath unless I scrub the tub first.  I'll have to plan to have a bath earlier so it doesn't get in the way of everyone else getting ready for bed.  See that's the problem now that my kids are older and go to bed around 10pm I can't get in the bathroom until a…

Short Trip

After having passports for a year or more we finally all got to use them.  My mom and dad won't be around for my son's 17th and my husband's 50th birthday and I think my mom was feeling a bit guilty about it.  They will be away in Hawaii for a month, lucky bums!  Anyway she thought she'd take us down to Spokane for the day.  It's only a two and a half hour drive from where we live so it's the closest large city for shopping.

Lost of people here go over the border to Spokane to shop.  My mom and dad like to go to shows there and often take flights out of the airport there because it's cheaper and the closest major airport to where we live.  We have wanted to go down for awhile but I'm not real comfortable driving in a busy city where I'm not sure of my way around and my husband won't drive so she said she'd take us all down for lunch.

We ended up stopping in Colville at a WalMart store and I found my favorite undies in my size!  I haven't…