Chilled to My Bones

I have been really cold lately.  It's not that cold outside so I'm not sure what my problem is.  I probably need to move around more.  Right now my hands are ice cold and I keep stopping to tuck them under my arms to warm them up.  I used to take warm baths and then have a nice herbal cup of tea but it's too late to do that cause I'd wake everyone up.  When the kids were little they slept through everything and the husband and I slept upstairs so having a bath wouldn't bother the husband if he was sleeping.  As it is the bathroom door is only about 6 ft from our bedroom door.

Maybe I'll have a warm bath tomorrow night if I can get someone to give the tub a scrub first.  I never like having a bath unless I scrub the tub first.  I'll have to plan to have a bath earlier so it doesn't get in the way of everyone else getting ready for bed.  See that's the problem now that my kids are older and go to bed around 10pm I can't get in the bathroom until after that and by then I'm usually busy with something else.  Then by the time I'd like to have a bath around 11pm I think it's too late and don't want to wake everyone up running the water.  That's the problem with having only one bathroom.

I can't imagine how difficult it would be if I had to go to work in the morning.  I'd have to get up at 5 am just to get a shower in the morning and dry my hair, do my make up and get ready for work before the kids and husband get up.  As it is most of the husband's shifts at work don't get in the way of the kid's getting up for school.  He either has to get up before them or can wait until they are done.  Works well for them but add another person into that and someone would be tired and cranky having to get up so early and most likely that someone would end up being me.

Why is the mom always the one who is put out?  I got everyone a nice lap blanket to keep warm while in the living room.  Guess which one they all steal?  Yup, mine.  Even the cats lay on my blanket so I keep putting it back in the chest so they don't get it all full of cat fur.  I was the only one who had a blow dryer so everyone used mine.  I finally got one for the daughter for Christmas so she doesn't use mine anymore.  And I buy different shampoo and conditioner for the kids.  I put it into large pump bottles.  I like the pump bottles so they don't pour too much out of the bottle and waste it.  Do they tell me when the their bottles are empty?  Nope.  They use up all my shampoo and conditioner instead.  Grrrrr!!!

Everyone did the same thing with my hairbrushes and nail clippers.  I bought everyone their own nail clippers and hair brushes but they leave them in their bedrooms and forget to bring them down stairs or don't want to go upstairs and they use mine!  They husband even used my tweezers to pull a drain clog out.  I almost used his toothbrush to scrub the toilet with when he told me.  I mean really what kind of an idiot used someones personal stuff to do something nasty like pull a clog out of a drain?  I told the husband we had needle nose pliers that would have been a more appropriate tool for pulling a clog out and to use those next time.  I soaked those tweezers in alcohol for a long time and then did it again cause I couldn't use them until I felt they were clean.   I can only imagine what my family is using my stuff for and not telling me about.  I'm ready to buy a little lock box to keep my stuff in so they have to use their own.

And the daughter thinks all my makeup is her makeup too.  I made sure we got her her own stuff so she didn't need to use any of mine.  Not like she wears much makeup but she has her own facial cleansers and scrubs now.  Hopefully mine will not empty so quickly now. 

I'm feeling very grinchy lately.  With all my family having a birthday so close after Christmas I'm pretty tired of thinking about everyone else.  It's only a couple more weeks until the husband has his birthday and then we are done until mine in the fall!  Then I'm taking a bath and after I'll have someone make me a cup of tea and bring me my blanket while I watch a movie or read.  I'm not a high maintenance kind of gal. 


Erin said…
You should put all the tweezers, clippers and other random stuff on a big necklace and then people will think you are crazy voodoo lady and leave it all alone LOL.... sorry I couldn't resist, I have such a warped sense of humor! Yep, that kind of stuff bugs me too! Hope you stay warm, for me perimenopause made me chilled all the time, when I wasn't SWEATING LOL

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