Short Trip

After having passports for a year or more we finally all got to use them.  My mom and dad won't be around for my son's 17th and my husband's 50th birthday and I think my mom was feeling a bit guilty about it.  They will be away in Hawaii for a month, lucky bums!  Anyway she thought she'd take us down to Spokane for the day.  It's only a two and a half hour drive from where we live so it's the closest large city for shopping.

Lost of people here go over the border to Spokane to shop.  My mom and dad like to go to shows there and often take flights out of the airport there because it's cheaper and the closest major airport to where we live.  We have wanted to go down for awhile but I'm not real comfortable driving in a busy city where I'm not sure of my way around and my husband won't drive so she said she'd take us all down for lunch.

We ended up stopping in Colville at a WalMart store and I found my favorite undies in my size!  I haven't been able to buy them at our local WalMart for a very long time and I'm getting very low on undies.  I was thinking it may be time to try a different brand.  The thing I hate about buying underwear is that you can't try it on and you can't return it if it doesn't fit.  So I've bought a few pairs in the past and had to toss them away because they weren't comfortable or didn't fit.  I hate to have to go through all that and waste money but I was coming to the last of my wearable undies and even those had holes in them.  Sad when finding some cheap cotton undies is the highlight of your day.  LOL!

After that we drove into Spokane and had lunch at the Olive Garden.  The kids enjoyed it and now the son is addicted to their bread sticks.  We hit a few malls on the way home.  I'd never been to a Target store before so we stopped at one.  Everyone raves about them but this one was a bit of let down.  It didn't have anything that great in it and hardly any clothes.  I really wanted to go into Bed Bath and Beyond and Hobby Lobby but we didn't have time.  There were so many other stores it would have been fun to shop in but we weren't really there to shop.  It was more of a day out to get the lay of the land, so to speak.

We have plans to go back and maybe see a show and stay overnight so we can stop at some other stores.  It was exciting to be back in a large city again but I'm glad I don't live there.  I don't think I could ever live in a large city again.  I am glad that I did live in Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria at points in my life and enjoyed living there when I did but the quiet small town life suits me now.  It's fun to go for a visit now and again though.

This past weekend the kids had  Friday off for a teacher's Professional development day called a ProD day.  And BC had it's first February holiday of Family Day on Monday.  February 11th from now on will be a holiday in BC.  So it was fitting that we spent Monday as a family going to Spokane.  Plus since it wasn't a holiday in the US it was quiet in the stores and the roads weren't busy at all, bonus!

Next up is Valentine's Day, then the son's birthday, then the husband's birthday and then the father in law's birthday.  I will actually be sick of cake by the middle of March.  I have to try to figure out what to do for the husband for Valentine's Day that doesn't cost any money.  We actually have no money for over a week.  It will be a challenge to keep enough food on the table.  I know we will run out of fruit and milk before then.  I'm thinking I can steal borrow a bit of money from one of the kid's accounts and then put it back after pay day.  Desperate times call for drastic measures and food is a necessity.  I am always amazed at how much food there is in the house if you are willing to eat random and weird things that have been in your cupboards for awhile.

I'll let you know of any interesting meal combinations should we need to lick the cupboards bare.  I'm sure none of us will die of hunger and maybe the husband and I could eat less which would not be such a bad thing as we could both do with a few less pounds of fat on us.  I'm off to attempt to do the income tax and hopefully get it filed early so we can get our refund early.  Wish me luck.


Mama Pea said…
Sounds like your little trip to the States was fun and good for you as a perk-me-up. Glad you got to do it.

I've been in one of those moods where I haven't had the urge to cook so we've been eating kinda strangely like you talked about. Leftovers from the refrigerator that don't really go together and such. It's been almost fun grabbing this and that rather than planning and putting a balanced meal together. I don't think either of us will keel over from malnutrition.

There must be something in the air because I am in DIRE need of new underpants, too! Yes, I've got holes in mine like yours but the worst thing is that the elastic around the waist is fast giving out. Not a comfortable feeling!
Erin said…
Glad you got to get out for a mini-trip! I am so glad we really don't celebrate any holidays except Thanksgiving and Christmas, really cuts down on expensive expectations LOL! It was never an active decision, it's just that birthdays and anniversaries, etc just were never that appealing to me as reasons to jump up and down and I managed to find a husband that doesn't remember them anyway so we are 2 peas in a pod. The boys just know that their birthday warrants a dinner of their choice though LOL
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea, there is nothing better than new undies so go out and buy yourself some. So far we haven't had to eat anything strange enough to post about but we have the rest of the week to get through so there is still time.

Erin, we weren't really celebrating Family Day it was just a day the kids were off and the husband was off too. Doesn't happen often so we had to jump when it did. You don't need to celebrate holidays cause you are so busy all the time doing stuff. We need to celebrate holidays because if we didn't we'd never leave the house or do anything interesting. LOL!

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