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Urge To Write

I have a huge urge to write tonight but I don't really have anything to say.  I could tell you that the yard next door is still a giant dirt pile but they will hopefully be putting the sod down soon.  I could tell you that the people behind us are now going to be digging up their yard too.  We have already suffered through 6 weeks of this crap and to look out my back door and think it will be another 3 weeks or more of this makes me furious.  I don't really have anyone to direct my fury at because it's just one of those stupid things.  So in response I will now be hosing my entire yard off every day until this is over.  I will not obey the watering restrictions and if someone comes to my house and tries to make me they will become the focus of my fury.  Enough said.  (sigh)

It was still over 30C out there today.  I'm tired of the heat.  The clouds moved in this afternoon and now it's not cooling off tonight.  So I can't sleep.  I can never sleep when I'm ho…

Another Concert

Just found out today that Johnny Winter and David Gogo are playing in our small town in Oct.  The husband is a huge Johnny Winter fan and David Gogo is another of his faves.  Of course we are going.  Got the credit card out and will get our tickets as soon as the box office opens.

Funny thing is we asked the kids if they wanted to go and they both said 'no' quite emphatically.  Seems they aren't big blues fans.  Their loss.

Had It, Then I Lost It

I had a great big post about random stuff and then it went poof!  I'm too tired to retype all that again so I'll just say I am praying for all of you in the path of Irene.  I hope you come through it safe and with minimal damage to your property.

The husband was home sick today.  I think he just has an allergy to something.  He went to work and kept having dizzy spells which make him nauseous because he gets motion sick.  He had to come home, take some gravol and lay down.  He figures he's sick but I know better.  He ate three pieces of pizza tonight so he can't be that sick.  I think he has an inner ear thing caused by a virus, allergy or something and that causes his dizzy spells which of course make him feel sick.  If he isn't dizzy he feels fine.

I hope he gets over this soon because we can't afford to have him out of work.  If he doesn't work he doesn't get paid and that means no money coming in and no savings to live off.  I'd love to be able …

Blueberry Buckle

I copied Mama Pea's recipe for Blueberry Buckle and even printed out the pictures with it.  I was going to make it but then the son saw the recipe.  He took Foods in school so fancies himself a cook although he rarely cooks anything not out of a box.  But he insisted he was making this cake.

This morning he made Blueberry Buckle and it is divine!

I may just have to have another piece because one just isn't enough!  Thanks Mama Pea for posting your recipe it is a keeper!

War of the Roses

Men have to be the dumbest creatures on the planet.  I have two of them in my home and sometimes I feel like I have two mentally challenged people I have to deal with daily.  The son doesn't seem to understand that playing video games all day is a bad thing.  I've had a calm chat with him about why and how he needs to step up and limit his own playing time or I will have to.  Do you think he even managed a small effort?  Nope.  So when the whining ensued after I told him his time was up I about lost it!

He has all his games taken away and I'm not sure I'll be giving them back.  This kid won't even go out with his friends.  He sits in his room or on our computer for hours and hours if you let him.  So it's time to be a parent and put a stop to it.  One would think since this boy has two parents, a mom and a dad, that both parents would work together on this.  One would be wrong in this assumption as the other man in the house only wants to be a friend to his kid…

First Tomato Harvest!

Here it is the first tomato harvest from our garden.  The husband immediately ate the tomato I'm holding in my hand.  A little salt and he said it was delicious.  I on the other hand can't eat a raw tomato.  Cook it up and I'm fine but fresh doesn't agree with me so I'll have to take the husband's word that our tomatoes are good.

Since I finally used my real camera and not my cell phone I can put the pictures up here easily.  I found the one of the blueberries and strawberries that I forgot I took.  We never get huge harvests of anything more like a handful every few days which is okay.  It would be nice to have enough to preserve.  The carrots are still only finger size but I think I planted a small variety so it would only grow in the clean soil we put in the raised bed.  We keep thinning the carrots and eating the little bitty ones and they taste good so I'm calling the carrots a success.  I'll take some pictures the next time we pick some.

The dig cr…


No joy with the iPhone it still thinks it's an iPod.  Stupid iTunes.  They are still digging dirt out of the neighbours yard but at least they got some fresh soil put back over most of the parts they dug up earlier.  They are also now using our hose to keep the soil watered down.  We don't pay for water so it's no problem for us.  At least they are keeping the soil wet so it doesn't blow around and with no rain in sight everything is very dry.

We are broke, broke, broke!  I'm not even sure how we are going to manage we are so broke.  I have to put all the kid's school supplies and clothes on our credit card.  At least they don't need many school supplies now and can pretty much use the same stuff as last year.  And the son only needed a few t-shirts for school.  His shoes will wait.  The daughter needs some more jeans and runners too.  We'll have to get her two pairs of runners which is really expensive but she grows out of them every year or wears them…