All Alone

The husband took the kids camping for the weekend.  Someone had to stay home and look after the cats and yard plus they already had to make two trips to take everything to the campsite because our car isn't big enough for all the supplies they need.  So I graciously offered to stay home.  Yup, that means I've had the entire weekend, Friday till Monday afternoon, all to myself.

I don't have a car so I can only go as far as my fat little legs can take me.  I've read, I've slept, I've got up when I feel like it, I've sat around in my jammies (I'm still in them now at 11:40am!), I've eaten when and what I felt like, and best of all I've sat in silence enjoying life.

Now I'm not saying I don't miss my family cause I do but a few days alone every so often is good for the soul.  It helps to clear your mind of all the clutter and reminds you of what is important and what isn't.

I must say that the cats are getting lonely no matter how much I pat and play with them.  They really miss the kids and all the noise.  Kids, they aren't really "kids", they are teens now.  I wish there was a better word because when I hear kids I think of elementary ages kids or younger, not big hulking teens and all the bad attitude that goes with them.  It's not like I have to 'take care' of them so much anymore but just be there to supervise and make sure they eat, sleep and have some type of personal hygiene.  I'm still needed to make sure they do the right thing because some times teens don't seem to know what that is.

It's the constant needing to be there even if I'm not doing anything that can wear a mom down.  Do I have a life?  Nope.  It consists of making sure two other people have good lives and most of the time I'm okay with that.  It's just nice to be reminded that I am a person too and have wants and needs even if those are only filled every so often. 

Tonight is my last night alone and the family will be back tomorrow morning.  They will have to make two trips to bring everything home.  Lucky we live fairly close to a beautiful Provincial park and lake.  I'm sure they'll come home dirty, mosquito bit, sun burnt and happy.  Good thing for them they'll come home to a relaxed happy mom too! 


Mama Pea said…
So glad you got these past couple of days to yourself. One really does need some "time off" now and then to quiet down and do some thinking without interruptions or the need to take care of anyone else. The sad thing is that such a situation doesn't occur but once in a blue moon for a woman.

Where do I sign up?
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea I plan this out and the husband takes the kids camping for a few nights every summer. They used to go to their grandparents for a few days but then I still had the husband to contend with. I like it much better when it's just me for a few days.

You sign up by finding an activity your hubby likes and sending him off on it for a few days. Then you do whatever you want and there's no one to judge you on how you look, what you eat or do or don't do. It's a slice of heaven for sure!
Erin said…
You would love deployment LOL! I'm not kidding, either. I often wonder what I'd do if I didn't have breaks from hubby, since it's all I've ever known. I asked my mom and she laughed because my dad was military too, and she said that was the hardest adjustment to make was him being home all the time! Of course I still have the kids, but sometimes the hubby is an extra "kid" LOL. I'm glad you got some time, although I think I would have made hubby stay home while I got to camp! What would be really nice would be a "mom's camping trip", if we lived closer I'd plan one for us in a heartbeat!

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