Good News!!!

You know how I said I really could use some good news?  Well I got some today and it's a dozy.  My In-Laws took pity on us and are selling us their old car really cheaply.  Their old car isn't even 10 years old and is in really good shape plus it has a/c and works perfectly.  They want to buy a new car so decided to help us out. 

Ya I know I don't get along with them very well but they are difficult people to get along with.  I think they feel guilty because they have given so much money to my husbands sister over the years and very little to us.  We have never asked them for money or any help ever.  But heck I don't care why they are doing this I'm just happy we'll have a better car that we can afford very soon.

So this good news has pretty much made my day, month, heck my entire year!!  I'm good for the rest of the year now as long a no major disasters happen that is (knock wood).  lol!


Mama Pea said…
Happy dance, happy dance, happy dance! Like it or lump it, a dependable car these days is a true necessity. I'm happy for you!
Erin said…
Fantastic news! I'm the same way, I never ask for money, it's not in my nature, but I'm so tired of seeing other people get help with their mortgages, new cars, etc... grrrr! I hope this is the start of a better last half of the year for you!
Sparkless said…
Thanks Mama Pea and Erin we didn't ask for the help but since it was given we're taking it and being very thankful for it too.

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