Road Trip

I took a road trip early this week with my sister.  She had to drive to Calgary to pick her daughter up at the airport.  Calgary is an 8 hour drive from where we live.  Don't ask why she couldn't fly in to a closer airport cause it has to do with a 17 year old girl not being able to transfer planes.  My mom went with my sister to drop her off at the airport so I figured I'd drive with her to pick her up.  It's a long drive and she didn't want to do it alone.

There is some amazing scenery along the way.  Going from mountains onto the prairie is fun too.  On the way home we stayed overnight in Banff.  If you ever get a chance to go to Banff you must do it.  It is amazing and I only brought my phone which really couldn't take pictures to do the mountains and scenery justice.

Unfortunately being that it was a road trip and we had limited time we were in the car most of the trip.  My pictures are taken through the bug splattered windshield.  LOL!  And as soon as I can figure out how to get the pictures off my phone and onto the computer I'll post a couple bug splatter and all.

We got back late Tuesday night after 2 and a half days on the road.  We didn't leave until 3pm on Sunday.  We stayed overnight in Fernie at a 2 star hotel.  ICK!  The sheets were see through and there was stains on the mattresses but hey ya stay where you can afford to.  We didn't have to rush the next day so got up and had breakfast then were on the road.

There was lots of traffic going into Calgary because it was a holiday Monday and everyone was on the way home after the long weekend.  There was a bit of road construction too which slowed us down a bit.  We got a bit turned around at the airport but finally found a place to park.  Got lost in a elevator which is a story for another day.

My sister figured out that we were going to have a four hour wait at the airport because she had the planes arrival time wrong.  We debated whether we should go shopping somewhere but decided we didn't have any money to spend so didn't.  We had books with us so snuggled into a couple of chairs and read.  Had a yummy dinner at a restaurant in the airport and shopped at some of the shops there.

After we picked up my niece and were on our way to Banff where we stayed overnight.  I wish we had more time to look around Banff.  There was tons to do there too if you like outdoor type activities.  But we had a long drive ahead so off we went after picking up some muffins, juice and coffee for breakfast.  I was sad to say goodbye to those really big amazing mountains.

We had to drop my niece off at Kootenay Lake where she was staying with some friends for a few days.  So we took the ferry across the lake.  We dropped off my niece and drove into Nelson for supper.  Unfortunately the restaurant we picked, debit machines were down and could only take cash.  I had cash but my sister wouldn't let me spend it.  I could have made her cause I'm bigger than her but instead we went to A&W and had a burger and onion rings.

Finally we got home.  It was one of the best road trips I've ever had.  The company was good, the scenery amazing, we didn't get lost, the car didn't break down and no one got sick or had any other disaster.  You couldn't ask for a better road trip.  But I'm tired and my legs are still a bit achy from all that sitting.  I'm trying to do more exercise and walking to work that out but here I am sitting at the dang computer. 

See I can post something that isn't a big old whine!


Mama Pea said…
So glad you had a chance to get away and that the trip turned out so well. Sometimes that's all we need to make things at home look different and not so bad!
Sparkless said…
Thanks Mama Pea. It is amazing how time away from home changes your perspective on things. The only problem is now I really want to go on a holiday where I'm not in the car the entire time!
Erin said…
"I could have made her because I'm bigger".... LOL! Definitely sister-type talk! Glad you had the chance to get away for a couple of days, and I'm sure your sister is glad you went along!

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