First Tomato Harvest!

Here it is the first tomato harvest from our garden.  The husband immediately ate the tomato I'm holding in my hand.  A little salt and he said it was delicious.  I on the other hand can't eat a raw tomato.  Cook it up and I'm fine but fresh doesn't agree with me so I'll have to take the husband's word that our tomatoes are good.

A blueberry and strawberry harvest 3 weeks ago

Clearer picture of digging next door and dead grapevine.

Here's how close our house is to the neighbour's house and yard.  You can see the poor dead grapevine.

Since I finally used my real camera and not my cell phone I can put the pictures up here easily.  I found the one of the blueberries and strawberries that I forgot I took.  We never get huge harvests of anything more like a handful every few days which is okay.  It would be nice to have enough to preserve.  The carrots are still only finger size but I think I planted a small variety so it would only grow in the clean soil we put in the raised bed.  We keep thinning the carrots and eating the little bitty ones and they taste good so I'm calling the carrots a success.  I'll take some pictures the next time we pick some.

The dig crew is off for the weekend so no work got done.  Lots of dirt left out but most of it was clean fill so I guess I won't complain too much.  They still have to do the front yard and front boulevard.  I just hope they get done with that before the end of the week! 

Oh and if you look at the picture of the digger you'll see a tree at the back of the property.  It was a very old crab apple tree.  That tree is gone now too.  So sad to see all the bushes, flowers, roses and grapes gone.  I hope the owner plants some new things or it's just going to be an expanse of grass and not very pretty to look at.  Maybe we'll put up a 6 foot privacy fence between the properties.  After all no one really lives there right now so who's going to complain?  We won't though cause it will cost too much.

I think I need to take a lesson on how to photograph things cause my pictures are not pretty.  You get the idea but they need some work.  I figure I need a new lens.  LOL!


Erin said…
I would love a privacy fence but you're right, you just about have to mortgage the house to pay for one. When a hurricane tore ours down a few years ago we just had to put up wire between the old wooden posts which is a bummer because otherwise I'd have some illegal chickens back there LOL. The tomatoes and berries look awesome, congrats!!
Sparkless said…
Thanks Erin. I just wish we had more of the berries cause they were good.
Sorry to hear you lost your privacy fence to a hurricane. You guys really have a fight there with your weather.

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