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It's Not What I Wanted to Say

I just can't seem to get a thought down without getting annoyed with it and then deleting it.  I have lots to say and then I spend all the time typing it out only to realize that's not what I wanted to say at all. 

I think I need to take an internet break and clear my mind.  I keep thinking I need to reply to things I read online.  I don't.  I'm not going to make any difference to anyone or change any one's minds.  People will continue to do and say stupid things no matter how many vents I post or how well written a post is.

I need to take a break from it and think about why I feel the need to set people straight when they are doing or saying something I think is plain wrong.  So, sorry I haven't posted for awhile.  It sure isn't from lack of trying.  I have almost 10 posts that won't get posted because they aren't what I wanted to say.

I'll be back soon but I'm not going to promise I won't post vents ever again.  I will be reading every…

The Dark Underside of Blogging

Okay well not exactly dark or underside but I have been noticing something lately.  Lots of bloggers do contests on their blogs to get more readers.  But sometimes I wonder if the contests are done fairly. 

I've also had a personal experience with a very big name blogger who will remain unnamed.  She had promised to send me a prize for something I emailed her about.  I waited and waited and nothing.  I waited for two months so I know that the object should have arrived.  I was wondering if I should email and let her know that I had never received the item.  Finally I figured what the heck if this woman is legitimate then she would want to know, right?  I know I would want to know.

The weird part to this story was several years ago when I first stumbled onto her blog I won a prize from her which I also never received.  I never bothered to email and let her know about it because it was an inexpensive thing and I just couldn't be bothered.  But what bothered me was the idea that…

A Pill To Make You Small

Don't you just hate it when people lose weight and than can't stop talking about it?  They keep going on about how much better they feel and look.  Weekly they take pictures off their facebook page because they can't stand to look at how fat they used to be.  Okay, we get it you feel good and you look better but that doesn't give you a license to be an A-hole.

I've seen this so many times.  Woman goes on a diet/health kick/exercise kick/gets bariatric surgery, loses weight and then won't stop pointing it out to everyone like we care.  I don't care what you look like I only care how you behave and right now you are behaving like someone who's a jerk.

Look around you, there are many people who are overweight/fat/round or whatever you want to call it.  Your constant yammering about your weight is saying to them that the only value you have as a person is how you look/your size/weight.  When you say that to your heavy friends you make them feel like crap.  …

I'm Still Here

I've started several posts but never get around to finishing them for one reason or another.  Then when I come back to them I've lost the plot and no longer wish to finish that particular post.  So I'm going to post this even if it's short and uninteresting.

It's snowing tonight.  Just light dusting snow.  Nothing major and it's supposed to turn to rain later in the week.  I'd love to get a big dump of snow but it doesn't look like our weather is going to give me that wish anytime soon.

The kids are off school tomorrow due to Remembrance Day falling on a Sunday.  The daughter is at a friend's house with a bunch of her friends for a sleep over.  They'll have fun.  The husband is in bed sleeping because he has to work early tomorrow.  He's also coming down with a cold.  The funny thing is the last cold we had everyone got sick but him.  Now he's getting a cold and I can only hope he's the only one that gets it.  He usually gets well qu…

Vote and Shut Up About It!

I am sick to death of all the ads and crap people have been saying about this  US election.  You can't even go on Facebook without someone posting something so nasty and in your face about it.  Do these people really think their post is going to change any one's mind?  What they are really doing is shoving their political opinion in all their friend's faces.  Some of these friends may not agree with them and they are making it very hard for this one friend not to reply.

You don't know how many times I've typed up replies to posts and then deleted them.  Somehow it feels good to type them and say what I want to but not to insult or upset anyone by posting them.  I like to have friends and will keep my opinions to myself mostly because I'm not an American and will not be voting.  It's not my election but I can barely wait for a Canadian election so I can shove my political opinion onto those people who decided Facebook was a good place to piss off their frien…

The Hunt Begins!

It's the countdown to Christmas!  I guess if you live in the US you still have Thanksgiving to get through but here in Canada we don't have any major holidays until Christmas.  Our weather has been rainy and very cloudy.  Not only is it dark longer the days are so dreary right now I feel sorry for the people who suffer from SAD.

I don't mind the dark rainy days though.  I'd rather have snow but rain is fine as long as it isn't pelting down with driving winds.  I feel like snuggling up on the couch and reading or doing crafts.  I wish we had a real wood fireplace because I'd build a fire everyday and enjoy it's crackling warmth.  Instead I make do with a couple of candles and a blanket.

Halloween came and went with a fizzle.  We only got about 8 trick or treaters all night.  We did drive all the way out to this place that was putting on a Haunted House.  It was well done but kind of a quick one and then we drove all the way home.  I think it was too far to g…

Haircut Madness

When did getting a simple hair cut become so expensive?  I mean really, when it only takes a person 30 mins to cut your hair do they really need to make $50?  Most people I know don't make $100 an hour so why should people who cut hair make that.  It's not like they go to school for extended periods of time to learn their craft.  Not saying it's an easy job or doesn't deserve a proper wage just not $100/hour.  And yes I do know they have other things that come out of that money like the salon takes a cut and they have to pay for their own equipment and maybe even for the products they use on your hair but a couple pennies worth of shampoo, a dimes worth of electricity and a spritz of hairspray still doesn't equal $100/hour.

Now for me this is a non issue because I don't get haircuts anymore.  I have long straight hair with a bang.  I have my husband cut my hair and I trim my own bangs.  I used to spend a fortune on getting my hair done but now we can't affo…