Vote and Shut Up About It!

I am sick to death of all the ads and crap people have been saying about this  US election.  You can't even go on Facebook without someone posting something so nasty and in your face about it.  Do these people really think their post is going to change any one's mind?  What they are really doing is shoving their political opinion in all their friend's faces.  Some of these friends may not agree with them and they are making it very hard for this one friend not to reply.

You don't know how many times I've typed up replies to posts and then deleted them.  Somehow it feels good to type them and say what I want to but not to insult or upset anyone by posting them.  I like to have friends and will keep my opinions to myself mostly because I'm not an American and will not be voting.  It's not my election but I can barely wait for a Canadian election so I can shove my political opinion onto those people who decided Facebook was a good place to piss off their friends. LOL!!!

The really sad thing I have noticed is that the most religious friends I have on fb are the ones posting the really nasty stuff.  I want to yell at them "Jesus wouldn't do that!"  But then these people don't seem to get that anyway so I'll just keep it to myself.

Please make this election be over soon so everyone can get back to enjoying life and not annoying people with their political opinions.  Remember the days when it was bad manners to talk about religion or politics in social settings?  Well fb is a social setting people, keep it to yourself!


Erin said…
But it would be SO fun if you didn't delete your responses LOL... well fun for maybe 2 minutes :) I am VERY opinionated about my candidate and views, probably because we are a military family, BUT I also love when anyone is passionate about their choices as long as they educate themselves and actually vote! Variety is the spice of life but ignorance is just annoying :)
Sparkless said…
I've learned a lot in my 49 years of life and one of the most important things is you can't change anyone else.
I do have an opinion but I don't shove it down other people's throats that way so many other people do. I also know better than posting stuff you find on the internet as the truth unless I've researched it. Some of the stuff I've seen people post is just so ignorant yet they believe it as the truth because it's on the internet. GAH!!!! Drives me nuts. It's not that people have opinions it's knowing where and when is appropriate to express them.
And yes Erin it would be funny if I left my comments up but I'm sure that would just make me as bad as they are and I'm not falling for that one.

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