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Goodbye 2012

So Christmas is over.  It all went well here and everyone is happy.   We had Christmas and Boxing Day supper at my parents.  We even took leftover turkey home to eat.  I have to put the turkey in the freezer or it won't be good to eat.  I'll make some turkey soup or turkey buns with it for lunches.

I see many bloggers have given up blogging this past year.  Seems like the people who blog the most burn themselves out and then end up quitting.  I'm sad to see this happen because I enjoy reading about what everyone is up to.  But all things come to and end or at least change in some way.

As 2012 comes to an end I'm trying to figure out if I'm happy to see it go or not.  It really was a boring year for me.  I hope 2013 has some fantastic things in store for me and my family.  I hope the disasters are kept to a minimum and mostly wonderful good things come our way.  It's time for some good things.

I think 2013 should be the year of "Good Things".  All goo…

Save Money, Make Handmade Gifts

Now in theory making gifts is supposed to save money.  It takes more time but it's not supposed to cost you an arm and a leg.  Well let me tell you people there is a craft industry out there who wants you to buy craft supplies.  They don't sell small bags or amounts of stuff.  You need 4 beads for a project you have to buy a big bag.  Then you are left with all those beads.

I am constantly reading about people saving money by making things and then they post pictures of beautiful things that they made.  I look at these things and then think how I'd make them.  I'd have to spend money to make them and when I price the items out well lets just say I'm not going to save any money making crafts unless I have all the craft supplies given to me free or they are made of things that are pretty much free.

Yes, handmade gifts are wonderful.  That extra time and effort spent making them is worth it but not cost wise so lets be truthful.  There is a craft supply industry and t…


I see all my wonderful blogs are back on my reading list.  It took a long time and I was getting anxious to read how everyone was doing.

In the last couple of days we have gone from having just a bit of snow to having a couple of feet of snow.  Unfortunately it is warm today and it's all melting fast.  Rain is predicted for the next few days and through Christmas.  I always feel sad when it's not a wonderful snowy Christmas.  I have a feeling I'm going to have to get used to that due to climate change.

I had a disaster today.  I had ordered a food gift basket for a Christmas gift for my parents.  The guy who delivered it dropped it and a jar of salsa broke inside.  He took everything out of the bag and put it in a returnable plastic tub.  He told us we could take it or send it back.  I took it thinking I could just wipe the bit of salsa off the fruit and packages but some of the packages were pretty damaged.  There were squashed kiwi too.  I can't give food with stains…

Blogger Has Lost You!

My list of blogs I follow is gone.  When this happens it usually comes back at some point.  I noticed it was gone yesterday and today it's still missing.  Hopefully my list will come back soon but until then I can't read your blogs.  I'm missing you all!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Dang Sink! Merry... Oh Forget It!

This is what it looks like under our sink right now.  Love the old plaster lath in the back that is all soft and moldy.  Not to mention that our cupboards are homemade wood, very poorly homemade too I might add.  No, we didn't make them we are actually the idiots that bought the house even after seeing the crappy cupboards.

Here's the sink troll trying to attach the new water connections for the new tap.  Not an easy task when your water pipes are old galvanized ones.  They need to be replaced and that is on our list for the summer along with gutting and redoing the bathroom. 

As you can tell the drain is not attached because he had to replace all the pipe that attaches to the sink and then goes into the black drain pipe.  I'm not sure if the troll knows what he's doing.  He has the ability to read so that should help.  He's having trouble reaching stuff and getting things to go together.  I don't dare ask what the problem is or I'll have my head bit off.  I…

Where is Everyone?

All my favorite bloggers must be busy to blog.  I know the season is a busy one but I miss you guys.  We still have no snow so I'm getting depressed.  The days are so grey with rain and cloud.  Nothing worse than a brown Christmas.

Add to that my older sister going on and on about going to Spokane in January.  I've told her a couple of times that we won't be going.  Not only are we broke but my daughter has a January birthday and then my son has his birthday in Feb and my husband is having a big birthday, 50th, early March.  So you can see any little bit of extra money we can squeeze out of the husband's pay checks will be going to those things and not some trip to Spokane.  Sure I'd love to go, who wouldn't.  It's only a short 2 hour drive and lots of good shopping with great deals.  But the little thing of lack of money keeps us from going.  She just doesn't seem to get it.  Oh well.

I just have to wait for the next pay day before Christmas so I can f…

Where's Winter?

It's December so of course we have no snow.  We did have a couple of early snow days but that snow all melted pretty fast.  Now our forecast just calls for wet snow and rain which means it could be a no snow Christmas.

The mountains around us have snow but in our valley the smelter or the valley itself makes a micro-climate and we are always warmer than everywhere around us.  So it's another rainy dreary day.  It's so dark outside.  Snow makes it look so much brighter because it reflects the light.  Rain, on the other hand, is just depressing.

So this year all I want for Christmas is a big snow.  I want snowbanks as high as my head.  I want to wear my snow boots and mitts.  I want to put on my gloves and scrape the car window.  I want to dig my car out of the snow before I go anywhere.  Yes, I do love snow.  It's one of the best parts of living in a place where the seasons change.  And the really great part is that about the time I'm getting sick of snow it melts …


I think I'm back.  I know it wasn't much of a break but it did me good anyway.  This post is just my annual Christmas time post moaning over how poor we are.  This year I've really noticed it's worse than usual though.  The husband is getting two short paydays in Dec.  When he gets these short pays we barely have enough money to pay the bills and feed ourselves.  Can you imagine getting two paychecks like that in Dec?  Yup, that is what we are dealing with this year.

I don't have anywhere to borrow money to tide us over.  Usually I can take some money out of the kid's accounts and then pay it back later but they don't have any money in their accounts.  The son bought a computer and the daughter used her money to pay for her cell phone.  And we only give them each $10 every two weeks for a whooping $5/week allowance.  So it takes ages for them to save any money.  The son, who's 16 really should get a job but he's so shy he just can't get the cour…