Where's Winter?

It's December so of course we have no snow.  We did have a couple of early snow days but that snow all melted pretty fast.  Now our forecast just calls for wet snow and rain which means it could be a no snow Christmas.

The mountains around us have snow but in our valley the smelter or the valley itself makes a micro-climate and we are always warmer than everywhere around us.  So it's another rainy dreary day.  It's so dark outside.  Snow makes it look so much brighter because it reflects the light.  Rain, on the other hand, is just depressing.

So this year all I want for Christmas is a big snow.  I want snowbanks as high as my head.  I want to wear my snow boots and mitts.  I want to put on my gloves and scrape the car window.  I want to dig my car out of the snow before I go anywhere.  Yes, I do love snow.  It's one of the best parts of living in a place where the seasons change.  And the really great part is that about the time I'm getting sick of snow it melts and a new season comes to take it's place.  Isn't nature wonderful?

So if you have excess snow please send it up here to my part of Canada.  Not all of us Canadians live in igloos or dog sled into work in the morning.


You can have all of ours, as far as I'm concerned.
Erin said…
I love snow too! Hope you get some :)
Sparkless said…
If I could Debra I would. Snow is no fun for those who don't enjoy it.

Erin we got a bit of snow yesterday. Just enough to cover the ground. Hopefully it won't melt.

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