Where is Everyone?

All my favorite bloggers must be busy to blog.  I know the season is a busy one but I miss you guys.  We still have no snow so I'm getting depressed.  The days are so grey with rain and cloud.  Nothing worse than a brown Christmas.

Add to that my older sister going on and on about going to Spokane in January.  I've told her a couple of times that we won't be going.  Not only are we broke but my daughter has a January birthday and then my son has his birthday in Feb and my husband is having a big birthday, 50th, early March.  So you can see any little bit of extra money we can squeeze out of the husband's pay checks will be going to those things and not some trip to Spokane.  Sure I'd love to go, who wouldn't.  It's only a short 2 hour drive and lots of good shopping with great deals.  But the little thing of lack of money keeps us from going.  She just doesn't seem to get it.  Oh well.

I just have to wait for the next pay day before Christmas so I can finish up the last few things I need to get.  I'd have been done ages ago if I'd have had enough money.  And when I say enough I mean an extra  hundred dollars so not a huge sum.  Next year I am going to be extra frugal and squeeze our pennies till they scream.  I want to have all my Christmas money saved in advance, I want to have our car insurance and house insurance saved if possible.  I'm also going to start saving for the water/sewer/garbage bill so that we can pay it early.  Paying early saves a bit of money.

I've also got my son in grade 11 this year which means next year he'll be in grade 12.  That means lots of extra expenses for both grad and for applying to schools.  So I not only need to find a fabulous job that I make a ton of money at I need to win the lottery just to break even.  UG!  Okay, I'm not going to think that far ahead right now.  I'm going to enjoy Christmas and work on my finances next year.

Tomorrow is tree day.  We don't have ours yet because every time I try to get the kids together to go get one someone has other plans.  So it's tomorrow no matter what.  Well, unless the tree place isn't open which is possible because it's run by volunteers.  Not sure where I'd find a list of their hours so we'll just chance it and show up.   I really wish we'd gone earlier because now the good trees will be gone.  The husband won't pay for a cultured tree so we have to always get the scraggly trees.  Just once I'd love to get one of those full cultured ones that you can't see the trunk through the branches.
I console myself by thinking that even if we could get a cultured tree it probably would be too full to fit in the small space we have for a tree.

Then I'm hoping the daughter and I can make some fudge.  She loves chocolate and I've found a couple of recipes so we'll give it a go and hope that we don't have to scoop it out of the pan on spoons to eat it again.  Why does our fudge never set properly?  I can never figure out what we do wrong and we even use a candy thermometer.  Maybe I should get a new one?  Or maybe we shouldn't make fudge cause it's all sugar and not very healthy.

Sunday I'll be trying to find my Christmas spirit through lack of snow, no money, crabby teens, and a scraggly Christmas tree.  Wish me luck, cause I'm going to need it!


Erin said…
Now that you mention it about the fudge I think that's one of my grandma's greatest gifts, she taught my mom and I to make fudge and candy by the "look" and "pull" of it so to this day I have never used a candy thermometer. Gosh if I hadn't been taught that I think it might be too daunting for me! Funny though I had a friend call me and ask for help - yeah it's hard to "diagnose" or tell her when it's ready over the phone LOL!
Sparkless said…
Erin, fudge and pie crusts must be those things you have to learn from someone cause we can't make them here.
My husband can make hard candy without the candy thermometer so I can't figure out why he or I can't make fudge.

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