Goodbye 2012

So Christmas is over.  It all went well here and everyone is happy.   We had Christmas and Boxing Day supper at my parents.  We even took leftover turkey home to eat.  I have to put the turkey in the freezer or it won't be good to eat.  I'll make some turkey soup or turkey buns with it for lunches.

I see many bloggers have given up blogging this past year.  Seems like the people who blog the most burn themselves out and then end up quitting.  I'm sad to see this happen because I enjoy reading about what everyone is up to.  But all things come to and end or at least change in some way.

As 2012 comes to an end I'm trying to figure out if I'm happy to see it go or not.  It really was a boring year for me.  I hope 2013 has some fantastic things in store for me and my family.  I hope the disasters are kept to a minimum and mostly wonderful good things come our way.  It's time for some good things.

I think 2013 should be the year of "Good Things".  All good things come to those who wait and I've been waiting a very long time so it's my year.  I'm taking 2013 as my year to shine and you should too.  I'm going to do something I've always wanted to do at least every second month.  I'm going to learn new things and meet new people.  I'm going to find that elusive job and make some money.   It's going to be a fantastic year!

In the next few days before New Year's Day the kids and I will attempt to clean the house.  We will get rid of as much clutter as we can.  I want to start the New Year with a clean house.  It doesn't have to be deep clean cause we'll work on that all spring but I want it to be as clean as we can get it in the next few days without working ourselves to a frazzle.  We'll decide what needs to be done the most and work on it until it'd done then move on to the next area.  It's more fun to clean with the kids because I don't have to do all the work myself and since it's all new to them they find it kind of fun. 

We only have some old snow.  There hasn't been any new snow in the past week.  All the snow we have is hard and icy.  I'd say we have about 6 inches of snow in the yard with the roads being bare.  Of course the snow banks are bigger but when I look at the spots in the yard where no snow was shoveled it looks like there isn't much snow at all.  I hope we get a few more big snow storms this winter.  I always enjoy a good snow storm as long as I don't have to drive too far in it.

I know this post doesn't make much sense and is just a jumble of random thoughts but it's late and I wanted to post something so this is what you get.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and the New Year is a healthy, happy, prosperous one.


Mama Pea said…
I really like your optimistic outlook for the new year. I'm gonna follow your lead and start 2013 with a smile!

Glad your Christmas was a good one. Ours, too. Funny, but I have been thinking of giving the house a good cleaning for the new year. I read last night that it's a Chinese tradition to start the new year with a clean kitchen. Maybe that's where I'll start.
Sparkless said…
Thanks Mama Pea. It sure can't hurt to have a positive attitude going into the new year.
There are lots of new year traditions and one that I like is to have your house cleaned, clean sheets on the beds, garbage cans empty, laundry done and new clothes to wear New years day.
Erin said…
I promise I'm not quitting on you LOL, to be honest my hubs is leaving VERY soon for almost a year so I have had a chore list a mile long we have been trying to get done of all the things that need fixed around here. I am hoping 2013 will have some good things in store for all of us!
Sparkless said…
Erin glad to hear you aren't quitting blogging. I love reading about what you and those boys of yours are up to.
I tell you 2013 is gonna be a great year, I can feel it!

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