Ho! Ho! Ho! Dang Sink! Merry... Oh Forget It!

Photo: Still not fixed.  We really need to get rid of the old galvanized water pipes.  Thats a job for next spring or summer.This is what it looks like under our sink right now.  Love the old plaster lath in the back that is all soft and moldy.  Not to mention that our cupboards are homemade wood, very poorly homemade too I might add.  No, we didn't make them we are actually the idiots that bought the house even after seeing the crappy cupboards.

Photo: Look a plumbing troll!!  Sink is still not fixed and the troll can't seem to put on teflon tape.Here's the sink troll trying to attach the new water connections for the new tap.  Not an easy task when your water pipes are old galvanized ones.  They need to be replaced and that is on our list for the summer along with gutting and redoing the bathroom. 

As you can tell the drain is not attached because he had to replace all the pipe that attaches to the sink and then goes into the black drain pipe.  I'm not sure if the troll knows what he's doing.  He has the ability to read so that should help.  He's having trouble reaching stuff and getting things to go together.  I don't dare ask what the problem is or I'll have my head bit off.  I did offer to help by handing him things or holding stuff for him but was rebuffed so good luck to him.

Not sure if we'll have a sink by supper.  Usually how this goes is he breaks something and it's too late to go to the stores so we have to wait or he'll get called to work and I'll just have to make do.  Kind of like the New Year's weekend I spent 4 days with no hot water.  Or the 5 days we spend with no toilet or water.  Or the 3 days we had no bathroom sink.   It's amazing how long you can go only using a bucket of water and tossing the used water in the garden. 

Please, please, make this fix fast and easy.  Well it's beyond fast and easy now but make it get fixed by supper so we don't have to eat cheese sandwiches again.  We already had those for lunch.  Right now I'm thankful for credit cards because without ours no fix would be going on.  Do you think plumbers accept credit cards? 


Erin said…
Oh Sparkless, I'm so sorry, water issues are the WORST! I hope he can fix it. On the other hand, most plumbers do accept credit cards, even the single person business, some have found it advantageous in this economy to invest in those smartphone card readers since otherwise they wouldn't get paid! Ask me how I know, LOL. I will have you in my prayers, I know this stuff can really take its toll on you. Hugs, my friend :)
Sparkless said…
Erin, the drain is fixed which was the original problem. Since the husband decided to fix the dripping tap while he had the drain pipe off and out of the way now we have a water piper that is dripping. The problem is the connection between old galvanized pipe and new stuff. We are getting close to maxing our credit card so I'm not even sure we can afford a plumber at this stage.
Thanks Erin, we can use all the good wishes.

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