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Falling, Failing? Not Feeling It

Our Fall weather is beautiful.  It's just now getting cold but no frost or snow yet.  It would be pretty early to get snow before Halloween and even if it does snow it's won't stick.  We'll be lucky if we have any snow for Christmas.  Last Christmas we had no snow and from all reports and forecasts we'll be getting less snow this winter.  And I do so love a snowy winter so I'm kind of sad about that.

I finally got rid of my cold.  Still not sleeping well but at least I don't have to be up early to go to work.  I get to stay home to do enthralling things like wash the laundry, scrub the tub and wash windows.  I get to do fascinating things like sort through old clothes and organize the two tiny closets that we have and try to fit everything thing in them a family of four needs.  Our linen closet is seriously about a foot wide and we have to put our vacuum in there too.  Unfortunately we have to keep our towels in the bathroom where they get damp because we d…

What is Up With Bogger?

I keep getting tons of old blog posts come up on my feed.  From one blog I'll get a whole bunch of old post all posted in a row.  I thought maybe someone was just editing their old posts and reposting them but then a few other blogs it happened to also.

Is everyone seeing this or is it just me?


I'm here and still struggling along.  My daughter brought us a cold home and gave it to my son and I.  The husband is yet to get it so hopefully he won't get sick.  I always get the most sick and stay sick the longest.  Cold never used to bother me but lately I am feeling like a very old lady who is delicate and prone to illness.  I want to be hale and strong and kick colds to the curb.

Instead I wallow at home in my pj's coughing and snotting.  I can't sleep more than a couple hours at a time before I have to blow my nose or cough.  Once I'm awake I may as well get up to pee too.  My body doesn't go to sleep long enough to tell my kidneys to shut down urine production so I'm awake and peeing all night.  Sorry if that's too much info but it's just life.

So far I have drank several gallons of herbal tea, ate homemade chicken soup, dosed myself with oregano oil and inhaled menthol steam.  I've also taken several naps when I get tired but so far it…