Lavender Wands Shipped

I'm just off to the mail to ship out the lavender wands to two wonderful women who celebrated my 10,000 views with me.  I'm still waiting for a shipping address from Mama Pea.  Mama Pea if you want your lavender wands email me your shipping address.

My lavender finished early this year so the wands aren't as fragrant as I'd like but they still smell wonderful.  I put them in my drawers and closets.  To refresh the scent just give the end a little squeeze.

I was going to show how to make them but I can't take pictures and weave them at the same time.  I need both my hands to make them.  So instead I'll direct you to a website that has instructions on how to make them.  That's how I figured out how to make them.  You do need freshly picked long stem lavender and some ribbon to make them.   Here's a great tutorial on how to make these yourself:

If you don't have very fragrant lavender you can tuck a small pad saturated with lavender EO inside the basket of the wand while you weave them. 

I better run before the post office is closed.  Enjoy your lavender wands ladies.


Hello Sparkless! My wands have already arrived zippy quick because I'm only one province away. And I love them and their wonderful lavender scent! I have never seen lavender stalks woven with ribbons in this manner before -- a beautiful craft and a great sachet. Thanks again!
Sparkless said…
Debra, So glad you are enjoying them. I always make a bunch of them and then give them as gifts. I have two long stem lavender bushes and they grow like crazy so it was great to find something else to make with it other than lavender sachets.
tpals said…
Thank you, Sparkles! ;) They are lovely and smell very powerful to me. I'm not going to look up the how-to because I like the idea that you used magic to make them (which was my first reaction).
Sparkless said…
Glad you liked them tpals.
Tattie Weasle said…
Love the lavender wands idea. Will have to try it here! Thnak you for dropping by my blog!

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