Darn Spiders

The spiders are out in full force at this time of year, weaving their webs all over everything.  I caught one hanging in front of my security camera.  He looked huge but was really a very small spider.

Photo: Here's a better pic.  Looks like he's huge and on the fence.  LOLHe looks huge and like he's crawling on our front fence.  The spider kept weaving his web although I couldn't see any web.  Some guy walked by on the road and it looked like this giant spider was chasing him.  LOL!  I wish I could have caught video of that but my camera is too slow.

I figured I would see some webs on the screen when the night vision lights turned on but I didn't expect to see this.

Photo: Night vision just clicked on and guess what I can see now?  Yup, this spider has made a web that is covering my entire camera!  AmazingYou can see this little spider had woven his web to completely cover my camera.  It looks much brighter outside but it was pretty dark even with the night vision on and the web glows a bright blue as does the spider when the night vision is on.

The husband had to go up and clean off the webs although he couldn't find the spider.  It's been a few days since this and there are only a couple of threads of web on my camera right now.  I've seen a spider a few times but aren't sure if it's the same one.

And just because I'm posting pictures here's one of the pesto buns we made.  I made the pesto and the husband made a bread dough.  We rolled them out like we were making cinnamon buns and put the pesto inside.  They were pretty good.  As you can see this one had several of his neighbours eaten and I just caught a picture before he was gobbled down.

Photo: Not a cinnamon bun.  It's a pesto bun.  Thanks Teagan PolingSo now I'm off to bed.  Hope you enjoyed the spider pictures. 


Beautiful web! Hey, spiders have to eat too.
Sparkless said…
I don't mind the spiders I just don't want their webs over my security cameras. My daughter on the other hand would kill every spider under the sun if she had her way. LOL!
Mama Pea said…
So fun to see some pictures from you. The buns look yummy!

My daughter is scared to death of spiders . . . don't know where she picked that up. I don't have any fear of any bug type insect . . . just snakes!

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