Passport Saga Continues

Can you believe that out of four passports only one was good to go?  The lady rejected my picture so I had to go back to WalMart and have it retaken.  Not my fault.  On the kid's passports I am the person actually getting the passport and my sister wrote how long she'd know the kids and not me so that had to come home to be corrected.  Totally not my fault.  I did get mine and the husband's sent off after I had my pics redone. 
Nothing like driving 45min on winter roads to get to the gov't office only to have to bring two of the forms back to be corrected.  I still haven't gone back to send the kids' in.  I could mail them but I think I'll just wait until next week and take them.  Then I can take advantage of some Boxing Week sales.  Okay I'm fantasizing now cause I have no money so even if stuff is on sale for an awesome price I can't afford it.

This year has been an especially tough year for money.  I know there are many of you having the same troubles and I can totally relate.  Usually my husband's parents and my parents give us some money at Christmas so we use that to buy food cause all our extra (the little there is) goes to presents.  We need that extra money for baking supplies and special treats.  Well need is a strong word but it's fun to have a special meal on Christmas eve.  Know what we are having?  Bacon and cheese sandwiches, minus the bacon cause we don't have any.  There may be some soup in the freezer that we can dig out and dish up too but that just doesn't seem like a "special" meal.  Oh well at least we aren't going to starve and we do have some cookies and candies.

I wish I could send everyone a big sack of money to make their Christmas fantastic.  I know so many of you are struggling financially right now.  Just know that no matter what happens you have people who love you and will help you.  So Merry Christmas and a very Happy and prosperous New Year!

From Sparkless (aka Diane) from the Brink of Insanity


Mama Pea said…
In reading the blogs lately, I've noticed more and more people are no longer having the "big, special meals" on holidays. (Maybe Mom just got tired of having to do all that work herself!) Who's to say we can't have cheese sandwiches for Christmas Eve or pizza for Christmas Day? The important thing is having family together. I know we have fewer presents under our tree this year, but it still feels good. :o] Merry Christmas to you and your family!
Sparkless said…
Well at least we made homemade buns and had cold ham and cheese on them with a wonderful beef rice homemade soup. I know that the most important part of the day is to be with the people you love and who love you. The rest is just a bonus.
Erin said…
I decided to not let it bother me this year and I think I started a new tradition - chili on Christmas Eve... with enough left over for Christmas Day! It was easy, cheap, no stress, pretty nice. That's terrible about your passport stuff, what a pain!
Sparkless said…
Erin chili sounds like a wonderful tradition, although I'm not sure the pine tree would be enough to mask the after effects!

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