Demise of good behavior

What is wrong with people today? Seems to be so many rude and classless people on the tv lately. First it was a congressman called President Obama a liar right in the middle of his speech. Then Kanye West jumps up and does his thing while poor Taylor Swift is trying to give her acceptance speech. And it's not just stars and congressmen it's sports people too with Serena Williams' foul mouthed tirade at a judge.

Do people have no respect at all? Don't they have a clue how their behavior reflects badly on them? No matter if you thought President Obama is a liar, shouting it out during his speech tells us more about the shouter than the President. Jumping up to take the mike out of the hand and telling us how another video should have won tells us someone needs to take their ADHD medication pronto. And to foul mouth a judge at a tennis match well at least she's being sanctioned for it now. I only wish the other two fools could be sent away to learn some good manners.

If you don't agree with what is going on around you there is a right way and a wrong way to go about changing that. Grandstanding may get you lots of attention but it just may not be the kind of attention you were going for, take a look at Kanye now, all crying on the Jay Leno show tonight. We've had that behavior from him before and I'm not buying it. He's a baby with low impulse control and I hope his classless acts reap the reward he deserves. After all there are consequences to your actions and crying or acting all sorry after the fact when you've done this kind of poor sport rant before doesn't cut it.

As for the congress man well I can only hope that some one takes him aside and lets him know that he won't be invited to the next Presidential speech or any other event until he can keep a civil tongue in his head. I would think giving respect to one's leader is a given at these things and for adults to behave that badly makes me worry for our children's sakes.

What kind of an example is this for out kids? They are watching tv and they are seeing these people misbehave in the most disrespectful fashion. It's like watching an episode of the Simpsons for goodness sakes! I say shame on you all for forgetting your manners, for behaving in such a classless act of low impulse control that I'd be ashamed of you all if I were your mother.


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