My lovely cold had decided to kick my ass. I am now coughing which really hurts my back. My sinuses are clogged so I have a constant headache. One would think that having your husband home would mean some extra loving care but that is just not to be. When he's sick I'll bring him cups of tea and water. I'll make him soup and bring him medication if he wants it. When I'm sick he's annoyed because I can't do anything. I can't talk cause my voice is all messed up too so he has to answer the phone. We don't get alot of calls.

What really annoys me is how he takes out his frustration on the kids. Our daughter had her inoculations today. She had two in one arm and one in the other. Her arms are pretty sore. She was supposed to go to gymnastics but asked if she could skip it. She doesn't ask to skip often and I know what my arm feels like after my flu shot so I can only imagine it's worse when you have three. Husband says no and gets all upset mostly because he had to make supper early so she could eat before gymnastics. I told him she could stay home because her arms were sore and now he's even madder. Sheesh have some compassion man!

Looks like Mr. Jerk is going to get a talking to as soon as my voice is up to it. I'm tired of his attitude. And men think they don't have PMS, for them it should be called LAJ (lazy, annoying, jerk) instead. Okay, I'm about done with the husband bashing. I'm hoping that sometime next week I'll have a story about something great that he's done, cause he is capable of being a real great guy when he tries.


Kate said…
Sending you sympathy. I am sure men get some form of PMS by the way. Hope you feel better soon

Kate x
Sparkless said…
Thanks Kate. Still croaking like a frog today but am on the mend.
Vodka Mom said…
cough, cough.

Pass the antibacterial lotion.........

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