My Brain is Mush

Apparently my brain has turned to mush.  Every decision I make I end up changing or have to change because it was the wrong thing to do.  Take today for example, I made an appointment for the son to see his therapist.  When I told the son about it he said I should have made it for a different day and when I thought about it he was right.  I'm not sure what I was thinking, actually, I must not have been thinking at all.  I just can't seem to get my thoughts together anymore.

This leads me to be indecisive because I'm afraid of making the wrong choice.  I already have to change an appointment I made for myself because it's right near my birthday and the husband is off so maybe we'll go and do something fun if I can get his butt off the couch to go.  I should have figured not to make an appointment a day away from my birthday.

So tomorrow I have to phone and do some rescheduling.  I wonder what else I'll have to do more than one time?  I'm finding myself standing in a room and forgetting why the heck I even went in there.  I start to do chores and get side tracked onto something else that needs to be done.  I forgot about the laundry in the washer for 2 days!  I never do that.  I had to rewash the laundry because it smelled sour.

I am seriously in need of a brain tune-up.  Coffee doesn't really do anything for me except make me jittery when I drink too much.  I get a coffee crash after too and that is worse than before drinking the coffee so I don't drink much coffee.  My husband survives on coffee and lots of it.  He's got an addictive personality so if it's not caffeine it would be something else. 

The daughter and I had a Big Bang Theory marathon tonight.  We like to compare people we know to the characters on there.  We laugh so much watching.  Hopefully she will be able to start school soon.  It would be a shame for the kids to miss too much.  I'm not sure how they will catch up as it is.  We are into the second week of the kids not being in school due to the teachers strike.  I'm in support the teachers but I'm pretty tired of the whole thing and just want my daughter back in school. 

Not much going on here except I'm attempting some knitting projects.  If they work out I'll try to share some pics but so far I've had to rip it out so many times that I'm not sure if I'll ever get very far.  I better get to bed because I have lots of phone calls to make tomorrow.  I'm hoping I won't have to phone again because these people are going to start thinking I'm a total flake.  I'm a bit of a flake who tries hard not to be. 


Anonymous said…
Brain mush? Welcome to peri-menopause, eh? My brain is constantly in a fog. I never feel like I have had enough sleep. Throw in some depression and anxiety. It is a wonder we get up in the morning!
Sparkless said…
Birdie, for me it's menopause. I'm just glad that's the only symptom I have. No hot flashes or dry skin or anything else. Actually, other than the brain mush, menopause is pretty awesome.

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