Cramps and Insanity

My poor hands are cramping so badly from knitting I usually have to stop and stretch them. It's only my right hand and it's only the big thumb muscle on my hand. No idea why but it will just seize up like a Charley horse and I have to stretch it out right away or die of pain.

Not finished the scarf yet and haven't had time to put the picture up yet. Haven't figured out how to get the picture out of the camera and onto the computer. Usually it's just plug in the USB cord and away it goes but for some reason my computer is being pig headed and won't let me do the usual. I'll figure it out eventually.

I've got an optometrist appointment tomorrow morning at 9am which means I have to actually be showered and ready to go out before then. Usually I just get up with the kids and get them out the door before I either fall back into bed or laze about and drink coffee for another hour or so. With only one bathroom it's a bit of a juggling act to make sure everyone gets enough bathroom time in the morning. I can't go without a shower in the morning. I must have that morning shower or afternoon depending on how the day is going. I don't know how people can get up in the morning and not have a shower. My hair is a mess and no matter of combing or wetting it down will get it back to decent. My skin feels greasy and just plain yucky too. I almost wish I was one of those women who can get up and do a bit of fluffing and off they go. That's just not me.

All this means is if I have to go somewhere at a specific time in the morning I have to get up extra early to get in the shower before the kids get up. The kids get up around 6:30am so I have to get up at 6am!!! Did I tell you I am not a morning person? Well I'm not, never will be no matter how early I go to bed. I'm a mess in the morning. I almost hate going to bed at night because I know the next time I'll be awake I'll feel like crap and it will take me a long time to get to feeling good. I wish there was a way to skip all that morning crap and just get up and go, no sleepy feeling, no greasy skin or messy hair. Just open your eyes, dress, eat and go. And if any of you tell me that's exactly what you do please keep it to yourself or it may send me over the edge. I've been there recently and it's not pretty.

I'm always tottering on the edge of insanity and thus the name of this blog. I thought it a fitting name and I'm sure those three of you who read this think so too. I can barely string a coherent sentence together most days and forget about grammar or punctuation. LOL!

It's just that lately I've been feeling overhwelmed. I always feel this way when spring looms. There is just so much to do and so little energy to do it all with. Money is so tight I can barely breathe. We had to get a small loan out just to make ends meet this month. With all the birthdays, contact lenses, glasses, a ski trip, new runners and a new back pack we just can't manage all that on the husband's meager income. We are lucky if we manage to have $100 beyond paying the bills and eating each month. So you can see we have no savings to speak of that haven't already been used up by Christmas.

It's just all so depressing really. You work so hard but can barely make ends meet. I haven't had my hair cut in over a year!! My underwear is well holey and I just hope I'm never in an accident cause I'm going to be embarrassed. We don't go out to eat, make our food from scratch and don't live an extravagant lifestyle so it's not like we can cut back. I'm not cutting my internet cause then I'd just be insane from staring at the walls all day. What good would that do anyone? I wouldn't be able to blog! My poor readers wouldn't be able to read my mind dribbles anymore and I couldn't do that to them!

Nope not cutting the internet, just not going to happen. But if I can't afford a haircut soon I'll be able to sell my hair to a wig maker when I do get it cut cause it will be that long. I'm not sure how I got on this topic or what I started out to say in this post but I'm rather scattered today so I guess this post shows that. Sorry I'll be more coherent next time.


Kate said…

Wishing you luck maybe a lottery win will turn up - or hopefully things will scrape by somehow.

By the way in terms of hair I just got loads cut off and donated it to a childrens charity - they make wigs for little girls suffering from cancer - it's called Little Princess Trust. You have to have at least six inches though (think I had twelve. Only downside is if you are anyhting like me you keep brushing your back as you aren't used to not having looong hair.

Sorry for the long comment

Kate xx
MarmiteToasty said…
I know about desperately trying to make ends meet.... since me second knee surgery and loosing me daytime minded nippers, we are on the barebones of our arses...

I wish you lived nearer cos Im dead good at knitting... been knitting since I was 6 so there aint a stitch or a pattern that gets me flustered... knitting is a dying art, and Im trying to teach some maties how to knit :)

Sparkless said…
Thanks Kate. I'll be getting a bunch cut off my hair sometime soon. It may be enough to donate to someplace cause it's that long!

Marmite I wish you lived closer to teach me some knitting too. I hope we all win the lottery soon!

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