The Winter that never was

I know many of you are complaining about the cold and snow. Unfortunately I think you got our winter, please send it back. We didn't even have snow for Christmas for goodness sakes. I live in Canada in the mountains!

We did finally get some snow a few days after Christmas and it stuck around for about three days and then it rained and slushed. Our snow is going fast. I can see my lawn again. It's a bit colder tonight because we have clear skies but only about -2C.

I don't know if it's just me getting older, or the kids no longer being young enough to believe in Santa or the lack of any real winter weather but I haven't once felt that cozy winter feeling. You know that feeling you get when those big white flakes are falling from the sky so fast you can barely shovel them off the walk fast enough? And you know better than to go and drive around too much so you stay at home with a cup of hot cocoa and listen to music as you gaze at your Christmas tree and munch on cookies. That's the feeling I get through most of December and I've missed it entirely.

I've jumped right from fall into spring. I fully expect to see my crocuses peeking out of the gardens which are void of any snow. It's almost warm enough for them but I guess the amount of daylight would be a problem. Oh and I haven't got a chance to shovel any snow yet! I know some of you are ready to throttle me but when you fully expect and enjoy the stuff you miss it.

So I'm having to find other ways to amuse myself like tv. Normally I don't watch much tv because I just can't stand all those survivor game shows. But tonight out of desperation I stumbled onto a program about happiness and what it is that makes people happy. Strangely enough most people become more happy as they age and not less as one would expect. We think that with the loss of our youth and vigor we would become less happy but in fact most people don't. The researchers found that social contacts and whether those contacs were happy made a huge difference. In other words happiness is contagious!!! Yes people go out right now and find yourself a happy person and don't let them go.

Another interesting tidbit was that even though as we age we have fewer social contacts we are not less happy. Aging seems to be the key to happiness along with having a few zippy people around you at all times. I guess older people enjoy the little things in life more and don't have to plan for the future anymore so they can relax and enjoy the days they do have.

I'm kinda in between a young person and an old person so I guess I should be feeling nothing at all? LOL! I can't wait to be old and happy.


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