Some More, Please

So it got windy today.  It rained a bit and the smoke started to clear.  I could see the mountains around us almost clearly.  But it wasn't to last long.  The rain wasn't even enough to make a puddle and it dried up almost as fast as it came down.  Then in the afternoon the smoke started to roll back in and once again we are blanketed in a thick smoke.

I know other areas around us got a decent amount of rain and it did help some of the fires that are burning but we need more please, much, much more.  We can do without the wind or lightning, just send rain and cool temps please Mother Nature.

I can't imagine what it's like to live in the areas in California that have experienced a 4 year drought.  I think I'd consider moving if that were the case here.  I am not a hot dry kind of person at all.  I like the change of seasons, with rain, snow, and a short sunny summer.

The daughter is doing much better at her job, thank goodness.  My heart can't take any more.  The son on the other hand is doing what he usually does and that is nothing.  His casual job doesn't have enough work probably because most people have cancelled all outside events due to the stupid smoke and forest fire threat.   So he's spent most of the summer doing what he does best, staying up all night playing video games and sleeping all day.  You would think a 19 year old would want to go out of the house and do something once in a while but not this 19 year old. UG!

We once again had to inform him that he has to find a job and if he doesn't start looking he will be asked to find somewhere else to live.  We will not be supporting an adult who does not want to grow up.  Not going to happen!

I'm going to go take a advil and lay down.  This smoke is making me feel really unwell.


It's been a smoky summer right across Western Canada. We've had several days here in Edmonton too where our air quality has officially been worse than Beijing. Yikes!
Birdie said…
I hope you are feeling better today. Smoke and stress are exhausting.

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