Newest Drama

The daughter comes to me tonight and tells me that some of her friends and her want to go to a concert in Kelowna in April.  The daughter has a job and her own money so can afford to pay her own way.  She said she wasn't sure just yet how they were getting there but would she be able to go?  Of course she can go I just need to know details of how they are getting there and where they are staying.

So she goes off all happy.  She'll be 18 by then so why would I tell her no and she can pay for herself.  But then the bottom has to fall out of course like it always does.  Seems that three of her friends all got tickets to go already.  One friend's mom bought the tickets and one of them is a Christmas gift for one of the girls. Now the daughter won't be able to get seats with them and doesn't want to go to a concert and sit by herself so now it's off.  Another of her friends is going with her mom and boyfriend.  I don't have the money to take her all the way to Kelowna and pay for a hotel overnight.  So now her dreams have been crushed again. 

The daughter has been dying to see a concert but every time someone she wants to see comes close enough for her to see them something goes wrong usually has to do with money and not being able to afford it or the band cancels the concert.  A bunch of her friends did all get tickets to a concert in Cranbrook.  They all stayed at another girls dad's house (divorced so dad lived there but mom didn't).  They even took 2 or 3 days off school to go and at the last minute the stupid band canceled the concert because the singer was sick. 

We've tried to get tickets to other concerts a few times but either can't get the tickets or can't afford them.  It's getting almost comical.  I told her when she was out of high school she would be able to go to all sorts of concerts but it's hard to always get shafted and watch all your friends get to do something you want to do too.  Life sucks some days and others it's just hard.


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