It's Going to Be a Hot Weekend

I wish I meant that I was going to have a great time and not that our weather is going to most likely give us record high temperatures after a week of rain and cool temps.  How is my body ever supposed to adjust to this type of bipolar weather?

Our car a/c works but the fan doesn't work properly and you can only use the first or second fan setting.  So when you get into a hot car it's going to take ages to get it cooled down.  And with our temps of +40C and our car being parked on the street in the sun you an imagine how hot it gets inside it.  Maybe I should start using the inside of our car to cook our meals.  That would save us money and wouldn't heat up the house but alas would stink up the inside of our car and I never eat food in our car.

I have finally recovered from the endless cold.  I still have a bit of a cough but mostly I am better.  I really have nothing new or exciting to write about but I'm sure I'll be complaining about the incessant heat soon enough.  Please if you are getting cool weather and want some heat send us your cool rain and I'll send you this sunny heat.  I really don't know how people live in climates like Florida or places where it's really hot.  My body just does not like heat and I get heat rash and feel sick when it's too hot.  Blah!

I think I'll change my blog name to Sparkles since that's what most people think it is.  I started this blog thinking it would be a way for me to write about trying to get my spark back.  Can we just say that was a big old fail and move on?  Now I'm going to try a different tact.  This blog will now be about positive things and things I want to come true and lots of whining about the weather, and my husband and sometimes my kids and other family members.  I may whine about other things periodically but mostly about the weather and mostly about the heat of summer.  I rarely complain about the winter cold the spring rains or the beautiful cool crisp fall weather so I guess it's mainly about the heat.  I like summer and expect some hot days just not 40C, that is just way too hot!  Oh, and I forgot I will definitely whine about our lack of money unless I win the Lotto Max 50 million jackpot on Friday in which case I won't have anything to whine about ever again, except for about the husband and this endless run on sentence.

I better get to bed because I have to be up early to find something for my sister and mom's birthday.  Wish me luck cause I'm going to need it.  Shopping here is pretty slim pickings.


Hey, I'll split the $50 million Lotto Max with you tonight! Gotta remember to buy my ticket today.
Birdie said…
I will take a piece of that 50 million!

And if you win you can go anywhere in the world to buy birthday presents.
Sparkless said…
Debra and Birdie, unfortunately I am not a winner except of a free ticket for next weeks draw. Hopefully next week I'll win more than a free ticket.

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