Life's Up and Downs

I was reading a blog with an elevator story in it and that reminded me of my own elevator story.  I'm not sure I've written about this before but I'm going to tell it again because it makes me smile.

My older sister and I had to take a two day road trip to pick up her daughter at the airport in Calgary.  It was way less expensive plus my niece didn't want to transfer planes because she was too afraid so a road trip it was.  I went along because my sister didn't want to drive all that way by herself.  Plus we always have a great time together.

We got to the airport and found a parking spot.  We walked over to where the elevators were and got in one.  It was a brand new one and didn't have buttons to push but was a touch panel.  We were both trying to puzzle it out.  Finally it moved and then came to a stop.  We got out and walked out of the covered elevator area.  As we were walking I looked over and saw a parking area and said to my sister "Isn't that your car parked over there?"  At this point we both started to laugh hysterically be cause we got in the elevator and didn't go anywhere but thought we had!

I swear it felt like that elevator moved, I think it must have but then moved back to the level we were on.  What kind of an idiot makes an elevator control panel so difficult to understand that two fairly intelligent women with university degrees can't figure it out?  And we are both pretty tech savvy so that wasn't the problem.  We still laugh about the time we took the elevator to nowhere.


Birdie said…
I worked in a building once that had 3 floors and would occasionally use the elevator. I can't tell you how many times I got off on the wrong floor and walked around for a minute before I realized it.
I get mixed up on elevators all the time. I don't mind so long as no one's with me to see what an idiot I can be, LOL!
Sparkless said…
Birdie, we wanted to get off on the wrong floor to explore, right? LOL!

Debra, I'd rather someone be with me to share in the idiocy, way more fun that way.

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