Finally we are getting a bit of snow.  It isn't much but at least it's covering the ground.  Now if we could just keep the rain away and the freezing temps until Christmas we could have a white Christmas.  Most of my childhood memories of Christmas are of going sledding with our friends after lunch.  There was always plenty of snow to get outside and play in.  I feel sad for kids now cause it's no fun to go outside in the cold rain.

I will be finishing up my Christmas wrapping today.  I may get a chance to bake something too.  I just haven't had any energy at all lately.  I can fall asleep sitting up now and that means I'm exhausted though from what I'm not sure.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a bit more energy.  Right now all I want for Christmas is some energy to enjoy it.  I'm just not feeling any Christmas spirit this year.  I'm not grumpy but this total lack of energy is making it hard to enjoy anything.

The buying, the wrapping, the decorating the baking, that's what makes Christmas so much fun and when you don't have any energy to do those things Christmas kind of sucks.  I'm going to try to be grateful for our snow and hope I get a few spurts of energy before everything is over.

Best of the festive season to you all!


It's been mild here but we do have snow. Now it's getting bitchin cold though! Enjoy your Christmas!

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