I've started to write a post a few times now and then abandon it half way through.  I've got a case of the doubts.  Everything I say and do I have doubts about.  I can't stop myself from thinking and rethinking everything I'd doing and mostly from thinking I've done it all wrong.

I hate when I feel like this.  I just want to jump in bed and pull the covers over my head until it's over.  I want to feel like I've made the right choice.  All this doubt is depressing.  I need a small good thing to happen just so I can say to myself  "see that went okay so you did the right thing."  Or someone to say  "You did a fantastic job with that."

Some days you just need the universe to give you a pat on the back or at least another human being.  So until that happens expect doom and gloom posts.  Sorry it's the best I can do at the moment.


Spiderjohn said…
Sparkless said…
Thanks Spiderjohn, I'm working on it.
Erin said…
Definitely be careful with that, self doubt can get really out of control - looks to me though that you have identified it so at least you know when you are doing it! Remember that wrong decisions aren't the end of the world!
Mama Pea said…
Also try to remember that even if you "fail," you've tried. (Which is a lot more than most people have the gumption to do!) You've done something. You've made an effort. You've taken a step toward where you want to be. And who the heck is anyone else to call you a failure anyway? If you just keep plugging away at something you want to succeed at, you never have to look at it as a failure. Each attempt is just part of the process. I read something pertaining to gardening last year that I just love. It was, "There are no failures in gardening; only experiments." That made me feel a lot better about things that didn't work out. And it's true. With each nonsuccess, we learn something.

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